Be the Best You And…

God’s love for you is unconditional. He doesn’t love you if…He loves you always. God’s love is so real that He created you to prove it. You are special and you are unique. There is no one else like you on the face of planet Earth – never has been and never will be. Amazing. And, God loves you just as you are – although He also loves you too much to leave you as you are – so be ready for some major changes as you walk with him.

For many years I tried to be “normal.” What I didn’t realize was that I didn’t have to be normal – I just had to be me, my Heavenly Father’s child, carrying out God’s plan for my life. I did not need to “fit in” with those around me. I just needed to be me. I realized that I needed to come to know myself – the “me” God created. I needed to know who I am “in Christ” and thus ‘whose I am.’ Then I needed to hear who God wanted me to become. Having discovered that and agreed to it – my task is then to simply become the best “me” there ever could be. Not to copy someone else. Not to be like others that I knew and related to. Not to be one in a crowd – but just to be me.

Once in touch with the real me that God created I then needed to find out how best to express who I am … how I wanted to live, what God was calling me to do for a living, what my lifestyle and dress code would be – how to express this real me so as to glorify and honor God and yet be comfortable with myself and with being “not normal” in a world that wants you to be normal. This meant learning to be comfortable being different from other people. In fact, understanding that “being different” from others just might help me contribute something special to the world.

This meant I had to decide not to be normal but simply be myself. This meant I needed to risk being known and thus maybe ridiculed and rejected. This meant understanding that I might simply not always be ‘socially acceptable’ and that it was better to be powerful (for God) than popular and I could not be both. This meant understanding that I was ‘beautiful’ in God’s eyes and that he made me the way I am because He loves me. And, I was honoring Him just by being myself.

I am comfortable with me. I like – no, in fact I love – me. The Bible says I must because I am to “love my neighbor as I love myself.” I like who I am and am seriously comfortable with who I am but not so comfortable that I cannot continue to change and become more and more like Jesus. Because I am accepting of myself I am free of being self-conscious, free of self-condemnation, free of trying to be someone I am not, free of the performance trap, free of having to constantly compare me to someone else … Free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit even if it takes me in a different direction than most others I relate to. I am free to just be me.

As a result, I have discovered that I am not normal and that this is good.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    A dear friend constantly says:
    “Define normal, as far as I can see it’s only a setting on my dryer.”

    You know, she’s right!


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