Battle of the Blanket

We want to see new spiritual life come to our nation and to our local church. We know that both need to turn back to God and begin, once again, to live by the Christian principles and beliefs that they were founded upon. We all believe that our own souls could use a good jolt of God in some form or other. We have friends whom we know need God to intervene in their lives and help them to see the “error of their ways” before it is too late. We are all aware that people need to become serious about the condition of their souls. We want revival! Plain and simple – people, the Church and the nations need a revival.

But, are we willing to pay the cost? Personally pay the cost? Is the Church willing to do whatever it takes to see revival come to God’s people? Are we, the believers, willing to sacrifice to see revival come to our Church? Our nation? The world?

As I study the life of George Whitefield it became obvious that he was willing to pay the cost. Right from the start of his Christian walk – from the time he was born again onwards, he was a man of prayer spending many hours a day praying – and praying fervently for the souls of lost men and women. He was a man of compasion who reached out to the lost on every occasion possible – often at a great personal cost. He was a man of true humility and no one was bad enough or too far gone for him to give up on and walk away. From his first message after his ordination until the end of his life, he maintained one goal – winning souls no matter the cost to him personally. As a result – he saw and experienced revival almost everywhere he went.

The book “Revival Fire” states “… wherever he went there flowed a mighty current of God’s Spirit. Revival and harvest were integral parts of Whitefield’s faithful, zealous ministry.” (page 70).

So, are we willing to pay the cost – pay the price for revival? Are we willing to win the BATTLE OF THE BLANKET early in the morning and get out of bed to pray for lost souls and the condition of the Church and our nation? Are we willing to gather with others on a weekly basis to pray for revival – giving up that night to seek the Lord, fast and pray – and keep doing it until we actually see God answer that prayer and revival hit our nation? Are we willing to correct things in our own lives and get more right with God than we are at the present time? Are we willing to go to others and forgive them and seek forgiveness? Are we willing to give up our bitterness, hurt, and offenses? Are we willing to remove those things that are displeasing to God – cleaning up our entertainment, our reading, and our internet use? Are we willing to pay the cost to get our own personal lives right with God and our daily lives in line with His Word and His commands regardless of the effort and pain to do so? BOTTOM LINE: Are YOU willing to pay the cost?

George Whitefield was – as were many others whom God used to ignite a fresh flame and a renewed passion in people, churches and nations. We may want to see revival come – but are we ready for it to come and will we pay the price to see it in our day and age?

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