Back to the Basics – Book of Acts Intro

This is the start of a daily Bible blog that I have been promising to write for many weeks. I simply needed to wrap my head around the practicals for this continuing series – making sure it didn’t become my personal devotions, deciding what book of the Bible to work with, and nailing down a daily time slot to write it. I think we have also mastered the technology needed to continue the writing and posting of blogs when on the road ministering. Time will tell.

We are going to look at the Book of Acts. This will be a trip “Back to the Basics” which will probably take us “Back to the Future”. I believe that the Church today will far surpass the Church in the Book of Acts. But, first we must reach the standards set for us in the Book of Acts – we have fallen that far from what the Lord would have us to be.

If you plan to walk with me through these daily blogs – they will normally be written early in the morning (Central Mountain Time) and posted. The other blogs I write will now become evening events and so posted much later in the day and into the wee hours of the morning (before bed).

We will cover a few verses each day and apply them to our lives as Christians and to the life of the Church. Application is a big part of Bible study as we must not be hearers of the Word only – but also doers. It will take a few weeks for us to find our rhythm and so the format of the study blog will grow and mature – changing and adjusting – as we reach full stride with them.

Thanks for your patience and feedback is encouraged. You can interact with the daily Bible blog using the comment box at the bottom of the blog. If you want to know when others have also added a blog entry regarding your comment simply put a check mark in the box and then your e-mail system will automatically receive any further comments written that are connected to that day’s blog.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am going to enjoy writing the daily blogs and interacting with you.

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