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Moved To Action

The Greek word that the New Testament translates “compassion” is splagchnizomai. It is pronounced “splag-ch-NEE-zo-my.” It means “to be moved as to one’s bowels.” It means to have your bowels yearn. It’s a passion arising from a place so deep inside you that you can feel it, that it sounds like your intestines are working, […]

Missing Persons

Have you noticed that every time your smart phone buzzes, whistles, chirps, beeps, or dings, something in you can’t help wondering “Oooh. What was that? I wonder if it’s something important. Who sent me something? I must know right this instant.” Have you heard of FOMO? It’s a thing. I read recently that FOMO was […]

Ten Suggestions When Using Social Media

In the Old Testament, when God saved His people out of bondage, He saved them for a purpose. God led Moses to the top of Mount Sinai for forty days. During this time, God not only gave Moses detailed instructions for the tabernacle; He also gave Moses two stone tablets inscribed with special instructions we […]

Technology Has Changed How We Relate – Part Two

  Blog of September 7, 2020 We are looking at how technology has changed how we relate to others in our day and age. Last time we saw two of three major changes: 1> The term “friend” is evolving 2> We’re addicted to immediate affirmation Let’s continue our look and see number three… 3> We […]

Write It Down!

When God says something to you, record it, because your spiritual enemy is an expert at stealing the seeds of truth that God wants to plant. You might keep a notebook just for such impressions or jot them down in your daily journal. You keep a daily journal, right? God may show you something from […]

Six Characteristics of Gospel-Shaped Love

Jesus said the most defining characteristic of his church should be its love (those characteristics were then discussed in Romans 12). Your love for each other, He told His disciples, is how the world will recognize that you belong to Me. What convinces the world of the truth of the Gospel is simply not our […]