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The Apostolic Office – Part Two

The third function or role of an apostle is to encourage or strengthen the church. We see this in several places in the book of Acts. After preaching the Good News in Derbe and making many disciples, Paul and Barnabas returned again to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia, where they strengthened the believers. They […]

Don’t Weigh – Obey!

I was reading the story of Peter and the disciples when they went back to fishing after the crucifixion and resurrection (found in John 21). In the story they fish all night and catch absolutely nothing. In the early morning light the Lord appears on the beach and asks them how it is going. They […]

The Real Power

It was a normal day and I was doing what is fairly routine in my life – studying God’s Word and writing a teaching for a speaking engagement later in the week. As I was preparing the Holy Spirit interrupted my study and spoke the following words to my heart … “It is time for […]

Prophetic Word For The Praries – By Dennis Cramer

I have been preparing the prairies for an outpouring of My Spirit which will be nothing less than a flood of the supernatural. I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, I will flood the prairies, with a wave of My supernatural power. Signs, wonders, healings and miracles will explode. But more than […]

The Real Test

In the Church today – at least in the part that I am most familiar with here in North America – there is a serious problem with prophetic words spoken over nations and regions. There are ‘national prophets’, some valid prophetic voices and others simply self-appointed, who speak over the nation or regions of the […]

The Real Battle

This is really more than an “insight” – it could almost be called a “prophetic warning”. I believe that God is speaking to His Church here in Canada and the United States and is warning us of a battle that is already raging for the hearts and minds of His people. This Last Days battle […]

The Apostolic Office – Part One

The Bible is very clear about the office of apostle when it states: “And He set some in the Church, first apostles…” 1 Corinthians 12:28 First in the sense that they were chosen by the Lord Jesus to be with Him (Mark 3:13-14) and then to be the leaders of the early church after it’s […]

No Other Foundations – Part Two

When building a house, as I did many years ago now, the most important part of the building is the foundation. Changes can be made to the structure of the house at any time – in fact, even now we are remodeling a major portion of our home. Walls, ceilings, fixtures are exchanged frequently but […]

No Other Foundation – Part One

We have been building all wrong. No wonder our churches are often such a mess and most often somewhat impotent. Statistics in North America indicate that we are not winning the lost – often we simply shuffle the saints. Percentage-wise we are not winning the lost as fast as the population is growing. Therefore, the […]

Mission Statement

Introducing the ministry of Apostles and Prophets to the 21st Century Church Laying biblical foundations to bring healing and wholeness to that Church Equipping and releasing a generation of passionate leaders (who will be) Ministering in supernatural power to win the lost and plant new expressions of the Church.