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Open The Eyes of the Blind

The Lord is wanting His Church – you and me – to be telling others of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel, Paul tells us, is the “power of God unto salvation.” And people today do not know this Gospel that leads people to the recognition that they are sinners and deserve to go […]

So this guy phones me and …

Just about supper time last night and this guy phones me. I knew who he was as he is in a class I teach on evangelism in another city. After the normal polite necessities he tells me he has just been visiting my web page for the first time and reading the first prophetic article […]

Where is your sense of adventure?

For a lot of Christians I talk to – things are not exciting nor dynamic in the Kingdom or in their Christian walk. Church is ho-hum like coffee without Coffee-mate (remember the old ads). And their daily walk with the Lord is not much better and is, in some cases, even worse. Bible reading and […]

If you are not fishing – you are not following

Jesus said: “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Well, we have people say a Sinner’s Prayer and plop them down in a pew and teach them how to be worshippers.We teach them to pray. We teach them to read and study their Bible. We teach them (wrongly) that God […]

The Church of Oprah

I am a listening to XM Radio due to the poor quality of regular broadcast stations in my area and the long hours spent in the car driving. On the dedicated XM station where Oprah and Friends occupy 24 hours a day on the airwaves there is now a church service. It is broadcast from […]

Oprah and Dr. Phil…

The visible Church in North America is in serious and deep trouble. I was in two different churches in my area yesterday – teaching and ministering – and it is sad to say but those occupying the pews apparently have a very limited and deficient understanding of the Christian faith. They have said a Sinner’s […]

Willie Nelson and Me…

My theme song may as well be “On the Road Again” as I seem to spend more time on the road these days than I do at home. That’s okay because after 32 years as a full-time pastor. these past three years as a trans-local apostle have been an adventure. It was time. I had […]

If it looks like a duck

An apostle is a strange duck. They think differently than the average believer. They function differently than prophets. They lack the patience of the pastors. They certainly teach as well as five-fold teachers and often it is hard to distinguish between an apostle and an evangelist as apostles love to talk to others about Jesus […]

You shall receive power

I belong to what is known as the Spirit-filled or Charismatic side of the Christian faith. Pentecostal and Full Gospel are other words among many to describe us. We are the ones who believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as a second experience after salvation. (see Acts 19:1-7) It is in this experience […]

Ministry Trips

This blog will contains details of experiences I am having in real time on specific ministry trips. Some trips are one day outings others will be into foreign nations and be up to two weeks long. This log will allow you to read about what the Lord is doing as well as any current prayer […]