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The Times They are a Changin’

Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis, apostle, teacher Here we are sitting at home, just watched our Sunday service on Facebook Live, singing to an empty building, preaching to hundreds of empty chairs. It is Palm Sunday and the streets are empty of Hosannas, palm branches, and children dressed in festive clothes. St. Peter’s Square is […]

Friend! Really?

The relational impact of social media and technology has redefined the word friend. Once upon a time, even just a decade ago, when someone said they were your friend, you both understood what that meant: you shared interests, understood each other’s goals, and enjoyed doing life together. Things are no longer that simple. You can […]

More Than You Can Handle

Maybe you have heard well-meaning believers say, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” While this sounds good and it might feel right, nowhere in the Bible does it ever actually say that. I am almost certain most people are misquoting 1 Corinthians 10:13 when they say this. That verse reads, “And […]


No matter what you do someone will criticize you. It is simply a fact of life. In fact, if you were to do absolutely nothing at all someone would criticize you for that. So, what do you do when someone is being critical of what you are doing? How you are doing it? How do […]

Stop Worrying

As we continue to face major changes in the way we live life due to the Coronavirus commonly known at Covid-19 … I am noticing how many people are worried about what is happening and what they should be doing. This is natural when you think about it. Jobs are being lost. Family income is […]

Take a Deep Breathe (Covid-19)

Well, there was toilet paper in one of two stores I went to this morning during the “Seniors Shopping” hour. And, with my trusty small bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket I was able to defeat all the germs that were attacking me (at least in my imagination). And, I worked hard not to […]

How to Deal With Betrayal

As a healthy Christian you are called to build relationships with those you come into contact with. This means opening your life and even your heart at time. Opening up to believer and non-believer alike. And, when we live relationally; when we are transparent and vulnerable; when we invite others into our lives … we […]

A Sense of Urgency

Everything and everyone currently seems to be on “urgent.” It is urgent that we keep 2 meters distance between us. It is urgent that we self-isolate to slow down the spread of Covid-19. It is urgent not to be in groups bigger than 50 or 5 or 2 depending where you live. Because of the […]