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So You Are a Disciple, Are You?

Jesus commissioned the Church to “go into all the world, preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations… teaching them…” Every believer in every church should have a pasport and be prepared, at any time, to pack a bag and “go into all the world”. Yes, I am aware we have jobs and family responsibilities. […]

An Embarrassing New Young Believer

Peter gets baptized in the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit comes upon this man who denied Jesus and ran away. The Holy Spirit came on this man who had given up on ministry and gone back to what was familiar and comfortable – fishing. The Holy Spirit came upon this […]

New Convert Wins Souls

On October 10, 1821, while praying alone in the woods outside the village of Adams, New York, Charles Finney experienced a powerful conversion. Didn’t just say a sinner’s prayer and then think he was saved. He had an encounter with the living God and knew he was changed – converted – a new creature in […]

Do We REALLY Want Revival?

There is a great deal of talk about revival. Lakeland in its short-lived hayday under Todd Bentley was being called a revival that was going to influence the world and bring healing back to front and center in the Church. Didn’t happen. Wasn’t a revival. At times the Church seems to pursue revival as if […]

Do I Hear the Toilet Flushing?

The U.S. Census Bureau has recently reported that cohabitation among heterosexual couples has hit record numbers as living together – as opposed to getting married – becomes more and more mainstream and totally acceptable. Before I review some of the statistics – we need to recognize, as Christians, that the reality of sexual intimacy outside […]

To Hear You Have to Actively Listen

I love the way the Lord continues to open the scriptures to me and how I see something new almost every day. Recent ones have included the fact that the devil does not have a kingdom as this would make him a king. There is only one King – Jesus! The Bible says in Colossians […]

The Resurrection From the Dead

Heard a sermon recently about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead? Other than occasionally on Easter Sunday – have you heard a sermon on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead? I mean, preachers can even turn their message around to ‘self-help’ even on Easter Sunday and totally miss preaching on the resurrection […]

My Trusted Old Friend

Just switched over to a new desktop computer this past weekend while I was out of town. My IT guy took away an old and slow-running model Saturday and brought back a new and fasting running one Sunday evening. The new one processes information at a speed 4 times faster than the old one and […]