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Slow Down and Stop – Sit down and Shut Up!

Have you noticed how busy and involved our world is? There is always something to do, somewhere to go, somebody to talk to. We are seldom still, often never alone for a minute of any given day, activity abounds and yet we never accomplish everything that needs to be done. Describe your world? It does […]

Lakeland – Curry Blake

Curry Blake is another “voice in the wilderness crying out…” and this article was forwarded to me on July 30th of this year by Dennis Cramer – international prophet – who sits on my advisory council … Highlighting is mine Doctrine or Manifestation? Which do you follow? Do you follow after supernatural manifestations even when […]

Heresy Hunter or Apostle?

I have been accused by a number of people over the last few months of being critical and judgmental. I have been criticized for being critical – interesting! And those who have criticized me – are they not also being critical? Several have told me that the Church does not need “heresy hunters” and I […]

Lakeland – Terry Somerville

One of the saints in my local church here forwarded a newsletter to me from Terry Somerville. I have taken the part of the newsletter dealing with Lakeland and Todd Bentley and pasted it below this opening comment – worth the time it takes to read it. This man of God always has wisdom to […]

A Speech or a Sermon

Today – the next 24 hours – will see many sermons preached in many different places around the world. Men and women of God will stand to declare the Word of the Lord for the people they are addressing. It will be a now word, a relevant message, well written. Prayer played a major role […]

A Prophetic Insight – Lakeland?

This prophetic insight (word) was given to me on August 7th by the Lord. I sent it on the 7th to my web guy in Ohio and it beame the “Prophetic Insight” just emailed to people who subscribe to my e-newsletter that comes out every two weeks. Between the writing of it (August 7) and […]

Are We Really That Stupid?

So, I read C. Peter Wagner’s report (see my Blog entitled “Watch Out For That Iceberg”) and it states that the purpose of the ordination service in June was to bring Todd Bentley into “apostolic alignment”. Does anyone know what “apostolic alignment” is? Am I the only one clueless as to what that term means […]

A Change in Focus

These are exciting times to be alive in the Kingdom and working with the Lord as He moves mightily in nation after nation in the world today. As I either speak to or exchange emails with leaders and believers from many nations around the world I sense that God is truly doing great and mighty […]

Everything in Order

The Bible sets things in order for us. In respect to apostles in the Church it states: 1 Corinthians 12:28 : And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of […]

The Shame Continues

Well for months I have been preaching and writing about the need for caution regarding a so-called “revival” going on in Lakeland, Florida. Many big names have declared it to be both “God” and a revival. My small voice of warning seemed lost in the wilderness of unknown, little ministry, western prairies. My warning was […]