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Ukraine, November 2008

Four Countries and Three Planes Left home Thursday just after noon. Arrived Boyorka just after 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening. I’m being ribbed because on the trans-oceanic part of the flight I fell asleep for an hour. A whole hour. Wow! I travelled from Regina, Saskatchewan to Minneapolis, MN., and met up with my team […]

Equip the Saints – Especially Apostles

One of the tasks of an apostle as a five-fold minister (Ephesians 4:11) is to “equip the saints” so that every believer has the opportunity and the skills to fulfill their calling and ministry as a Christian. Remember, every member is a minister. An equally important task of a five-fold apostle is to equip other […]

School for Apostles – Ukraine Delayed Posting #12

It is Sunday 12:15 a.m. and I have just come back from a very full Saturday at the church building. The Youth Conference is over. Today we have a service in which I will minister and then several meetings (see yesterday’s blog on Ukraine trip). It is interesting, there were twelve, count them, twelve apostles […]

Born Again Unto Living Hope

There is apparently a lack of hope in North America today. It should be expected due to the economic downturn and the rising unemployment rates in both Canada and the United States – and all over the world for that matter. However, statistics are not in for the last six months as of yet. So […]

We Are Always Learning – Ukraine Delayed Posting #11

The youth conference here has been a very difficult one prophetically. I have a team of 5 counting myself – Igor, Andrew, Miroslav, Bob and myself – so we have great men working together and terrifically strong prophetic giftings. These are all apostles and even through three are really young in their callings (and actually […]

Youth Conference – Ukraine Delayed Posting #10

February 21, 2009 First day of All Ukrainian Youth Conference in the city of Krasnoarmeysk. Good kids. Of course, being a school day we were missing some who will show up tomorrow (Saturday). However, we are not counting numbers – we are making numbers count. Started the day early with a shower and some time […]

Good News and Bad News

The number of Web pages dealing with “God”, “Religion”, and “Churches” totals more than 1 billion, up exponentially from a decade ago and outnumbering “sex” at 835 million pages. 45 million Americans regularly turn to Web sites or mobile devices to hear sermons and teachings and to pray and worship through online churches. This is […]

Apostles Are Appreciated – Ukraine Delayed Posting #9

February 20, 2009 In discussions last night as to what is needed next at the local church in Boyorka where we have just finished ministering opportunities to come back were brought up. Tentative – but a definite trip or two if we can arrange schedules and finances (at my end – not their’s). The beginning […]

I Sense a Real Change In My Ministry

Written part way through the recent three week ministry trip to Ukraine I sense a real change in my ministry is happening as I minister this time in Ukraine. It is not totally new to me but it is happening more frequently and with much greater depth. I am teaching more by revelation. Oh, I […]