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Quenching the Spirit – Part Two

Continued from last time… When viewing the Spirit’s activity throughout the world, we begin to see that differences such as personalities, postal codes, states, countries, and levels of faith are not hindrances to what the Holy Spirit does and doesn’t do. There is no cookie-cutter doctrine when it comes to what He is capable of. […]

Quenching the Spirit – Part One

I have noticed that many people get a little uncomfortable when you talk about the Holy Spirit, and part of me associates this with so many not truly investing in His power and guidance. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt but test them all; hold […]

Preaching Without a Pulpit

The idea of preaching without a pulpit might seem a little crazy to some, evoking images of shouty people standing on street corners, waving Bibles at pedestrians. But the concept of pulpit-less preaching is not so narrow not so strange. Jesus did not have a pulpit. He simply taught and shared with people who were […]

Careful of “One Verse” Teachings

As a Bible teacher once taught me, you never base a doctrine or teaching on one verse. Example: So often you hear the words of Jesus as a Christian tells you, “Judge not and you won’t be judged.” Jesus did say that. But, you can’t base a whole teaching on judgment on this one verse. […]

A Time …

During my last apostolic trip into the United States to minister I was involved in the final transition of a local congregation. This church which had been ministering for the Lord for over 50 years in the valley in which it was located had come to an end of its life and needed to be […]

Be the Change

The world changed completely with the arrival of Jesus, and ultimately will end with Jesus too. But the real question is, what lies between those two points? In order for positive change to happen now, shouldn’t we first make sure we have been changed ourselves? The fact is, we can’t bring positive change to the […]

Religious People Suck!

I feel for religious people. They have all the rules to follow with no benefit gained from their obedience and faithfulness. The height of being religious is seen in the Pharisees. I mean, whenever they get brought up I immediately think, “Great. What arrogant nonsense are they sprouting now?” No Joke: most of these guys […]

The Word “Christian”

It’s sad to sit back back and watch the media cover nothing but the faults and failures of proclaimed “Christ-followers,” instead of getting down to the truth of what 98 percent of us do differently than the 2 percent who make us look bad. If the negativity that the media portrays is in fact the […]