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Permission To Speak Freely –  Part Three

We have been looking at the prophet Habakkuk and his boldness to ask God all the hard questions that were on his heart. He may have known that sometimes just allowing yourself to ask these questions can take you a long way toward reconnecting with God and learning to, once again, trust Him. It’s hard […]

Permission To Speak Freely – Part Two

I am a fan of space movies and have watched most of the Star Trek series on television and the big screen. I enjoy the plot of each episode or movie and the action. It stretches my imagination and helps me to wonder about the universe. When the situation is difficult or demanding in the […]

Mountaintop Experience – Part Two

We had a mountaintop experience with the Lord and now life has apparently settled back to “normal” and we are walking through a deep, dark valley. Faith does not seem to exist and you even question whether God really does love you and wonder if He seriously cares for you or even knows that you […]

Mountaintop Experience – Part One

Most of us know what it’s like to have a mountaintop experience. For many of us, this is how we became Christians in the first place. We had an amazing experience in which we felt God’s presence in a real, tangible, all-consuming way. We sensed His love, His grace, His power, His Spirit. In that […]

Bigger Barn Syndrome – Part Five

Remember what your mother told you when you had two cookies and your sister had none? “Quick, eat them both before she can wrench one out of your greedy little hands!” Probably not. She would say, “Share.” What do you tell your own kids, nieces, and nephews when they have more than they need and […]

Bigger Barn Syndrome – Part Four

We finished yesterday with a thought and a question: So, when we don’t have enough, we wonder why. Why not wonder when we have more than enough? You know where I’m going with this. The parable of the rich fool makes it all too clear why we have more than we need. But before we […]

Bigger Barn Syndrome – Part Three

The real moral of the story we have been looking at is this: Those whose eagerness to store up material goods outpaces their willingness to give will suffer a complete and total loss when their time runs out. The landowner suffered a total reversal of fortune at death: He lost everything in this life and […]

Bigger Barn Syndrome – Part Two

So, the farmer has decided to build bigger barns to secure his future and not be a burden on his children in his old age. Sounds good. If the story ended there, we might even consider this man a role model. But the story doesn’t end there. Nobody’s story ends there. While it’s true that […]

Bigger Barn Syndrome – Part One

There are a lot of false teachings on salvation in the Church world. Let me list a few … Salvation by sacraments Salvation by good works Salvation by church membership Salvation by traditions There are several main gospels that circulate that are not biblical … The gospel of salvation The Prosperity gospel This latter one […]