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When God called Moses to demand release of the Israelites from Egyptian captivity, Moses felt inadequate and unqualified. He asked, “Who am I to do such a thing?”  Now, when I ask this question of God, I usually ask in false humility. What I really want is God to reassure me of my qualifications and […]


“And you show that you are a letter of Christ, prepared by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (2 Corinthians 3:3) Don’t you just love that? Does that not give you some food for thought as we […]


In the new year this is something to ponder … It is usually something we tend to overlook or, if we even consider, fail to invest in: that is that Jesus, being God in the flesh, was the smartest man who ever lived. Does Jesus ever show up on anybody’s list of the greatest thinkers […]

Now – Next – Never

It is always exciting for me to enter a new year and to anticipate the new opportunities that will open up to expand the Kingdom into areas where the Gospel has never been heard. The start of a new year is always an exciting time for me. I begin new projects, think through topics for […]

The “New Year” of the Lord

Over 40 years ago my mentor taught me that: “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.” Poor English but definitely true and good advice to ponder.  As we have just entered a new year – the year of the Lord 2022 – it is […]


I read this the other day and could not help but share it … so so true! One of the lessons I’ve learned while being in the ministry for the past 40+ years is sometimes what people say isn’t exactly true…things such as…  (WARNING…you will probably only like this post if you are a pastor […]


One of the struggles that I feel Christians face is the one to stay focused…here are a few things that I am currently learning and trying to apply when it comes to F-O-C-U-S  F = FIGHT  If focus is going to be maintained…it isn’t going to happen by accident, you will have to fight for […]

An Aha Moment.

 Sometimes it is good to ask yourself a series of questions. And, if we answer them honestly and don’t become defensive we can, at times, even have an Aha Moment. But, if nothing else happens we will be a little more in touch with ourselves and that is always a good thing. 1. What is […]


C-H-A-N-G-E  So what’s involved in changing something up?  C = Calculation  If a change is going to be made I believe some time must be spent investigating the possible outcomes that will be associated with it. Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a leader have been changing something without thinking it through.  H […]