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Intentional Deliberate Silence – Part One

Well, Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone. They are often noisy events. More noise on top of what is already a noisy existence in our world. Have you noticed? It is noisy out there in the world – in restaurants, stores, shopping malls, theatres, everywhere. And, it is noisy in our homes […]

Polls, Knee Jerk Demographics

Guest blogger: Bill Lewis – apostle We have polls for everything. We are questioned, surveyed, prodded for reviews. I cannot buy anything on Amazon without getting an email asking me to review the product, rate the supplier, comment. I get my oil changed and I have an email from the dealer, and then one from […]


Guest blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) Racism, Nazism, nationalism, globalism, etc., etc. We are awash in “isms.” You walk down the aisle of life and you can choose from hundreds of “isms.” They are those flavors that distinguish you from all the rest of the people. You can become a part of a […]

Idealism, Just for Youth?

Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) I try not to be a pest with blogging. I feel that if you are too frequent in your writing, people might just ignore you. So, I attempt to be judicious in sending these out. However, an apostle friend of mine exhorted me to publish more. He […]

It’s Not the Church’s Fault

Guest blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) The challenges of this period in history are many. Each generation has their challenges. If you were in the 1920’s, it was the Great Depression. The 1930’s had its Dust Bowl and homelessness. The 1940’s were plagued by WW2, the great loss of American lives. The 1950’s […]

What Happened to Peace and Joy

I arrived back in the city where I live to discover that while I was away in the eastern part of Canada a young boy tried to burn down the north-end Walmart in my city. You know, the one nearest where I live. So, I drove over to do some basic household shopping the other […]

Loosening the Grip of Being Available

I work with people and relationships are important to me. I enjoy talking with people one-on-one over a good cup of coffee. I am connected with people via Viber, WhatsAp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and the list, as you well know, can keep going. Add to this old-fashioned emails and just a regular phone call […]

Are You Counting the Cost?

Sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom isn’t always a safe endeavour. At times, your reputation, your well-being, and even your life could be at stake. According to 2 Timothy 3:12, “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” The Bible says that this is a fact. It’s […]

Two Words That Change Everything

Often, as believers and followers of Jesus, we can feel defeated. We pray, we stand in faith, we believe, and then victory seems to be no where in sight. You may pray for and share the gospel with someone countless times, and it may look as though they will never, ever give their heart to […]


I want to talk about “life-change” When we become believers in Jesus there is a massive change that takes place in who we are And, A continuous change – as we continue to grow and mature in our walk with the Lord A change that begins on the inside A change that eventually others can […]