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Finish What You Start

Last time I was sharing about my personal motto: Never Stop Starting. Today, let’s talk about “Finish What You Start” which is sort of the follow up to the blog before this one (February 19, 2021). Let’s face it. You can have a great vision, pray godly prayers, choose the right goals, and focus on […]

Never Stop Starting

My motto: You’re Not Done Until You’re Done If you ever get into an unfortunate scrape, you might hire Frank P. Lucianna to represent you. He’s a razor-sharp attorney in Hackensack, New Jersey, just across the Hudson from New York City. You can spot Lucianna in the courtroom daily, dressed in a dapper suit with […]

Feeling Stuck? – Part Six

We are talking about having a life worth living, getting out of ruts we have accepted as normal for our life when they are anything but ‘normal. And, how to get rid of that feeling that life is overwhelming.  Last time we started to look at having the courage to choose what’s best. This involves […]

Feeling Stuck? – Part Five

So to get unstuck and get out of the life-rut you are in and begin moving, once again, into God’s plan and purpose for your life we have seen… 1> Consider what’s best  2> Clarify what’s best a> The priority of loving God b> The priority of loving others c> The priority of loving yourself […]

Feeling Stuck? – Part Three

Once you consider what’s best and set your priorities you are well on your way to being unstuck. Once you’ve understood the significance of priorities, the next step to getting unstuck is actually to determine the most important things in your life. To do that you need the clarity to know what’s best. So, step […]

Feeling Stuck? – Part One

Authors call it writer’s block. Athletes call it a slump. Economists call it stagnation. Pastors call it burnout. Swimmers call it treading water. Off-roaders call it spinning their wheels. Retailers call it sluggishness. Scientists call it inertia. Retirees call it the “every day is Saturday” syndrome. Sailors call it the doldrums. But I have good […]