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12 Keys to a More Powerful Prayer Life

12 Keys to a More Powerful Prayer Life 12 powerful prayer principles from the life of Jesus Christ. It will made such a difference in your personal prayer life. Principles of Powerful Prayer There are only 17 references to Jesus praying and most of them are in the book of Luke. 1.  The principle of […]

The Start of a New Year

Here is what I know about the new year – it won’t turn out the way you hope it does.  It won’t be near as good as you want it to be. It will not be the fulfillment of your fondest dream. It will not be anything like what you think it should be. How […]

Intentional Deliberate Silence – Part four

We were chatting about Mr. Rogers and his desire to be revolutionary and a radical. His radicalness was to allow silence when he was engaging with people… (see yesterday’s blog) Again from a great book that I have recently read … One year he was invited to the White House for a conference on children’s […]

Intentional Deliberate Silence – Part Three

We need a “quiet revolution.” There is simply too much noise too often everywhere we go. The other day coming back from Eastern Canada to my home out west there was music playing on the plane as we loaded ourselves and our bags into the small space we purchased by obtaining a ticket. When we […]

Intentional Deliberate Silence – Part Two

When we first think of silence and solitude, we may not care much about it, or we may think it sounds religiously sexy and hipster, cool, and trendy. Until we try it. And then we are shocked and maybe terrified by it. Because in silence we feel exposed and naked, and weirdly we become noisy. […]

Intentional Deliberate Silence – Part One

Well, Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone. They are often noisy events. More noise on top of what is already a noisy existence in our world. Have you noticed? It is noisy out there in the world – in restaurants, stores, shopping malls, theatres, everywhere. And, it is noisy in our homes […]

Polls, Knee Jerk Demographics

Guest blogger: Bill Lewis – apostle We have polls for everything. We are questioned, surveyed, prodded for reviews. I cannot buy anything on Amazon without getting an email asking me to review the product, rate the supplier, comment. I get my oil changed and I have an email from the dealer, and then one from […]


Guest blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) Racism, Nazism, nationalism, globalism, etc., etc. We are awash in “isms.” You walk down the aisle of life and you can choose from hundreds of “isms.” They are those flavors that distinguish you from all the rest of the people. You can become a part of a […]

Idealism, Just for Youth?

Guest Blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) I try not to be a pest with blogging. I feel that if you are too frequent in your writing, people might just ignore you. So, I attempt to be judicious in sending these out. However, an apostle friend of mine exhorted me to publish more. He […]

It’s Not the Church’s Fault

Guest blogger – Bill Lewis (apostolic leader, Ohio) The challenges of this period in history are many. Each generation has their challenges. If you were in the 1920’s, it was the Great Depression. The 1930’s had its Dust Bowl and homelessness. The 1940’s were plagued by WW2, the great loss of American lives. The 1950’s […]