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Awesome Signs – Part Five

Jerusalem Christian sought miracles with faith and proper motives. They were  not seeking money (Acts 8:18), a demonstration of human power (Acts 14:11-15), or a hypocritical ritual (Acts 19:13-16). Miracles happened as believers tapped into the mind of the Lord, walked in it, and acted in faith — not presumption.  In fact, 1 Samuel 15:23 […]

Sometimes I Fail To Embrace Eternity

Sometimes I Fail To Embrace Eternity In the year 2000, Australia, “the Land Down Under,” took the world stage for two special events The welcoming of a brand new millennium and the summer Olympic Games As the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000 Sydney was the first city on the planet to welcome the […]

Awesome Signs – Part Four

In times of revival, the Holy Spirit renews supernatural and miraculous manifestations in the Church. Then the Word of the Lord comes and clarifies the meaning and purpose of the miracles. The Word restores he Church and enables it to fulfill its mission in the present generation by the power of the Holy Spirit. Miraculous […]

Awesome Signs – Part Three

The truth and dynamics of the New Testament Church are being restored, including the working of miracles and sign and wonders. A miracle is a supernatural event that breaks into the natural. It is the spiritual breaking into the natural or the material world.  One Greek word translated miracle is dunamis. This word is used […]

Awesome Signs – Part Two

We are looking at the awesome signs. wonders and miracles  that the early Church experienced in book of Acts. Last time we saw that they experienced God’s power and presence in many ways including healing and deliverance. Let’s continue the discussion. PROPHECY The Lord gave the early disciples and followers of Jesus supernatural messages and […]

Awesome Signs – Part One

In the book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit accomplished through the first apostles we read: “Then fear came upon every soul and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles” (Acts 2:43).  Supernatural signs and wonders revealed God’s presence in the early Church. Through miracles, God gave tangible, visible evidence that He, […]

Sometimes I Don’t Submit

Sometimes I Don’t Submit I have a nice lady who gives me directions when I need them most  No, not my wife … the wonderful computer voice on my phone’s GPS I have learned, especially for some of the new parts of the city where I live And for first visits to new locations in […]

Sometimes I Find It Hard To Forgive

Sometimes I Find it Hard to Forgive Over the last 50+ years of ministering I have noticed that the number one reason for believers not growing in their faith is that they do not have a deep assurance that they are totally forgiven Forgiven of everything in their past Forgiven for any sin or mis-step […]