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Passive or Passionate

Killer Dana was the most notorious wave in California. When it was really ripping and roaring, the best surfers in the world gave it plenty of distance. Legendary surfers knew that given the traditional techniques of their sport, that wave was more than they could handle. Then came a teenager to prove them wrong. In […]

Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying

Before I was born again prayer was non-existent in my life Oh, I prayed the prayers along with everyone else from the book of prayers during the Sunday morning service Prayers that 50+ years later I can still repeat by memory (head) – but not from my heart Then I met Jesus and prayer took […]

Sometimes the Fire Dies

The Scriptures frequently comment on living the Christian faith with passion It is very clear that as believers we cannot be passive We must embrace the truth and engage with the world for that truth Jude 3b “I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for […]

Sometimes I’m Disappointed With God

An apostle from North America was meeting with a group of leader of the underground church in China During the evening there was a fellowship time among the leaders as they shared what was happening in their lives and how God was moving in their homes and in their ministries The apostle took the opportunity […]