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Sometimes I’m Disappointed With God

An apostle from North America was meeting with a group of leader of the underground church in China During the evening there was a fellowship time among the leaders as they shared what was happening in their lives and how God was moving in their homes and in their ministries The apostle took the opportunity […]

Sometimes I Deceive Myself

Slogan: Deception Infection I don’t watch a lot of television but I do watch on You Tube parts of American Idol I am careful, since it does sound kind of … idolatrous If you were to watch the first few shows of the season — when the judges travel around the country for auditions You […]

Sometimes I’m My Own Worst Enemy

Most weeks everyone of us faces a number of demands upon our life Events, relationships, circumstances, and situations that demand our time and attention But, at the same time, there is a personal and private side of life that also needs you to invest some time and effort into it on a regular basis This […]

Sometimes I Don’t Walk by Faith

In this series of teachings / discussions I have targeted a number of every day issues – spiritual and life issues – that we, as believers and disciples of Jesus, tend to encounter on a regular basis Sometimes I Doubt God – Bout With Doubt Sometimes I Worry – But What If… Sometimes I Get […]