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A Fork in the Road 

General Lew Wallace was travelling by train when he came to his fork in the road. How can that happen when one is travelling on railroad tracks? It happens within. One moment can change more than your life; it can alter your eternity. Wallace was casually chatting with a colonel named Ingersoll as the train […]

   The Tradition Keepers 

My parents had a set of rules by which we, as a family, lived. They were based loosely on the Ten Commandments. Sort of rules that help us to apply the rules. Some were well known and referenced often. Other were somewhat unspoken but recognized and upheld nonetheless. My parents were not the first to […]


There are a lot of false teachings on salvation in the Church world. Let me list a few … Salvation by sacraments Salvation by good works Salvation by church membership Salvation by traditions There are several main gospels that circulate that are not biblical … The gospel of salvation The Prosperity gospel This latter one […]

Nick At Night

We are called to share Jesus and the Gospel of the Kingdom with others at all times. Actions and words. Oftentimes the best way to open the door for sharing Jesus with someone is to begin a civil conversation. This means we maintain a sincere, kind, and respectful tone as we dialogue. It also means […]


In July, 2007 when I became serious about Ralph Howe Ministries – the exact launch date being July 1st – I started using what was then a new copy or a new version. A  new version to me – ESV (English Standard Version) It is now the battered and tattered well-worn friend that I still […]


Several years ago I was in a rundown Russian resort built by the Communists during their control in the U.S.S.R. No heat, no hot water, and a building that hardly slowed the wind down It was February and cold but a powerful 4 days with 350 youth from 5 nations I was sitting waiting to […]


The Coronavirus and its current form called Covid-19 has certainly suddenly ended what we consider to be “normal life” here in Canada and around the world International flights (except to London) have been cancelled Schools and universities are closed for March and maybe into April Events being cancelled … Sports leagues cancelling a substantial number […]

We Tend to Pretend

I make a lot of homemade soups … Take the carcus of a turkey or chicken – boil it – let it cool – pick out all the bones and pieces that you can’t eat o0r don’t want to eat I work hard doing this and it can be a long and messy task Then […]


Paul was an apostle saved by the grace of God Delivered from religion – rules, regulations – rituals He had an encounter with the Lord on the road to the city of Damascus (Acts 9) Jesus revealed Himself to Saul and Saul became Paul Radically and totally altered forever He had two callings on his […]

Spiritually Restless

  In the last few weeks we have been setting the stage for 2020  We looked at how the Church will be changing so as to impact people’s lives What God is doing in His Kingdom and with the Church Jesus is building We looked at the role of prayer and the Holy Spirit And […]