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Sometimes I Miss the Big Picture

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-miss-the-big-picture/   It seems we all have issues we need to be dealing with This week I have been helping some of the young people I work with deal with issues of guilt, anger, and greed It is interesting to note: Guilt says, “I owe you” Anger says, “You owe me” Greed says, “I owe […]

Sometimes I’m Afraid I’ll Fail

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-i-am-afraid-i-will-fail/ Everyone faces a fear or two in their lifetime … One fear that I have faced a number of times over the last 50 years has been fear of failure … looked a little different each time Fear of not being able to live up to my ordination vows Fear of failing to be […]

Sometimes I Suck At Handling Criticism

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-i-suck-at-handling-criticism/ The truth is, I suck at handling criticism — especially nitpicking, ignorance-based, selfishly motivated, unjustified criticism.  Alright, I admit it — Sometimes I suck at handling any kind of criticism.  At my age you would think I should be able to rise above it.  I hate the way it always gets to me.  This […]

Sometimes I’m My Own Worst Enemy

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-i-am-my-own-worst-enemy/   Most weeks everyone of us faces a number of demands upon our life Events, relationships, circumstances, and situations that demand our time and attention But, at the same time, there is a personal and private side of life that also needs you to invest some time and effort into it on a regular […]

Sometimes I Lack Integrity

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-i-lack-integrity/ Many years ago I learned a lesson about “integrity” that I have never forgotten This particular lesson was what led me to read about and study the topic of “integrity” for the last several decades … Many years ago, at the end of Sunday services, like most pastors I would be standing at the […]

    Sometimes I Am Not Patient

https://rhm.podbean.com/e/sometimes-i-am-not-patient/We live in an “instant world”  Around the world there is universal lust for “now” We can put food in a microwave and have a full meal in under five minutes with little to no effort When in trouble we want to zap the problem and expect that it will be fixed in 60 seconds […]

Passive or Passionate

Killer Dana was the most notorious wave in California. When it was really ripping and roaring, the best surfers in the world gave it plenty of distance. Legendary surfers knew that given the traditional techniques of their sport, that wave was more than they could handle. Then came a teenager to prove them wrong. In […]