Attractional or Missional

I believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the resulting “power to be My witnesses” that a born again believer receives along with this experience or encounter with God. I believe this is a second encounter with God – the first being when a person is born again and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you. Here, in the Baptism, the Holy Spirit comes upon the person and saturates them with His presence and power (Acts 1:8 and the meaning of the word baptism).

I believe that we have been empower to “be His witness” and that this is different than, although includes, “going withnessing” or “doing withnessing”. Jesus didn’t tell us to “do witnessing” but to “be witnesses” and so it is something we are to do as we live our daily lives and not something we simply tack on to an already busy life … “Oh, it’s Tuesday night which means we have to go out witnesses as it is outreach night at the church.” Yet, for the seven days since the previous Tuesday’s visitation / evangelism night you have not shared Jesus with anyone.

As we go about our very active, engaged, and busy lives we are to look for opportunities to witness and tell others about Jesus … by words and by deeds. We are to to do more than “look for” opportunities that the Lord seems to be opening up for us – we are to “make opportunity” to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to intentionally open doors for ourselves; ask questions or make comments that change the direction of the conversation turning it towards spiritual things – especially Jesus. Remember, we represent and share a Person (Jesus) and not just a set of life principles or a specific doctrine or religious group.

We are to be intentional about this – every day and in every thing that we do. This is the real reason for the rest of the things that we do in our daily affairs.

Now, let’s be honest – some of us keep hoping that people will simply ask us about Jesus and then we can openly share about our love for Him and the night-and-day difference He has made in our lives. We keep hoping that someone will notice that we are a believer and ask us about our faith – in other words, initiate the conversation. We keep hoping that maybe they will ask to come to church with us or simply show up one Sunday. This is “attractional”. We are hoping that whatever we do or say will “attract” them to Jesus and the Gospel. It doesn’t normally work this way. Few notice what you are doing or even listen to what you are saying in the regular daily affairs of life. Few will be attracted to the Gospel and the Savior.

Jesus said we were to “go into all the world” which is “missional” – not “attractional”. Don’t wait until they are attracted to the message by your lifestyle. You would be surprised how many simply don’t notice what you do and how you live. Instead, go into your every day world of activities and events, connections and relationships and intentionally share the Lord Jesus and the need for being born again with people. This is being “missional”.

The Lord came on a mission – to seek and save the lost. We are sent on a mission – each and every day as we go about our normal daily activities and events – to seek and save the lost. It is not just something we “do” but it is something we “are”. “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses in your world…” (Acts 1:8). “Be” a witness … not just “do” witnessing.

So, today, determine as you leave to buy your groceries or fill up your vehicle with gas to “be a witness” and swing that regular, normal conversation around to Jesus and tell others about Him. Not as difficult to do as you first may thing and you will be pleasantly surprised how receptive people really are to a loving presentation of the good news – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, attractional or missional? Another way to say it? – Intentional or accidental?

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I am supposed to behave differently than the world because of who I follow. True!

    But if I am waiting for others to see the difference I am too self-focused.

    Most people are just that, self-focused. I don’t mean that in a critical way, it is simply an observation.

    Most people are unhappy, dissatisfied, scared, nervous, angry, stoned, drunk, absorbed with another person or have just plain come to the end of it and just go through the motions in this life.

    The last thing they see is me and my life.

    My task is to plant myself into their path and offer the truth out of my love for Jesus (which translates into my love for them)

    If I am witnessing for any other reason, I have created a religious program to satisfy me.
    (darn, there’s that self-focus again!)


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