As We Approach 2010

I know we have yet to celebrate Christmas but just shortly after that you and I will be entering a whole new and fresh year with tremendous potential and possibilities. The Bible states that God has a tremendous plan and purpose for each of our lives. We need to believe that and understand that in 2010 we will see God’s hand in a number of ways as we obey His leading and are obedient to His Word to us.

For some you will simply walk out 2010 living your life according to God’s Word and what He speaks to you from that Word as you faithfully read it day-by-day. And He will also speak to your heart and lead and guide you as you still yourself in His presence – being still and knowing that He is God – your God! It will be an exciting year.

For others we are living not only according to His written Word, the Bible; we are also walking out our prophetic words that we have received that have not yet come to completion. These are the Word of the Lord for us personally and ones we need to pay close attention to as 2010 approaches. In fact, now would be a good time to sit down and review any prophetic words that you have received over the past few years to see what you need to continue to apply your faith towards and what you should be expecting in 2010 from the hand of the Lord as promised and released in a personal prophetic word.

I know personally that the Lord has spoken some amazing promises to me (and for my ministry here in Canada, the United States and overseas) that are still unfolding. I am entering 2010 excited, expectant, anticipating, and believing that God, who spoke these words, will bring them to completion in the coming months of a new year. The Bible states: “Be it done to you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29) and so I am believing that all things are possible with God and that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and His plans and purposes …

So, in spite of opposition, trials and tests, and numberous obstacles and challenges being faced I know that the Word of the Lord will prevail and I will see all that He has spoken over my life and ministry come to pass in His perfect timing – some of it during 2010.

As I sit quietly with Him over the next 7 days of 2009 and work with Him on goals and objectives for 2010 – personal and professional – in line with His Words to me – I know I will feel challenged and stretched, impacted and amazed. It will be a time to stretch my heart to contain all that the Lord has prophetically promised and I will need to be deaming big because we serve a big God who has spoken some fairly immense things over my life and ministry during 2009.

However, as good as this is I will still need to be very pragmatic and do some planning, organizing, calendar work, determining goals and objectives, setting priorities, working on financial budgets … in other words, thinking through the nitty-gritty of how these wonderful plans and purposes are going to actually become reality … otherwise it is all a great big daydream that will never come to pass.

It is no different than when we receive one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Although the gift of prophecy, as an example, is just that – a gift. You will still need to learn how to minister prophetically – mastering the basic skills of hearing God’s voice accurately, speaking what you hear at the right time, choosing the right words and tone of voice to really express and communicate the heart of God… yes, you have received a gift – but you still need to learn the practical ways in which this gift functions and how it can be used to positively influence others.

Well, God gave you a gift of a new year; a prophetic sense of what He is wanting to do in and through you; and the guide book for life in general (the Bible). Now, it is up to us to be practical and determine how, when, where, with whom… to work out the daily details and how it will all fit your everyday life, plans, hopes and dreams. It is here that many believers fail assuming that if it is from God then it is totally up to God. Not true! And, this is why many prophetic Words do not come to pass and people never walk in the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.

So, in the hectic and fast-paced season we call Christmas I make it a priority to make time (you won’t just find time – you will have to determine to make time) to think through all that the Lord has spoken and then to practically look at the coming year to determine how it will all work out and what practical things I need to change, incorporate, or do to enable the Word to come to pass. Much more important than many of the things we spend or waste time on during this special season.

And, believe me – it is often a real struggle (almost a fight) to make the time to do this when the seasonal demands are so great and the activities that I could be involved in are so important. However, this is more important as I want to invest 2010 for the King and the Kingdom and not just spend or waste the time that He is giving to me … and every day of 2010 is a gift from the Lord never to be taken for granted. So, no New Year’s resolutions that never become reality … but practical goals and objectives set during prayer and stillness to prepare my heart and head for what the Lord would have me place my hand to during the new year.

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