Artem Kaleyev

This young man, Artem Kaleyev from Russia, received a powerful prophetic word on Ralph’s recent trip to Russia (September-October 2010). His life-changing prophetic word dealt with what the Lord is doing right now in his life (2 things) and a call of God on his life to be a full-time apostle in ten years time. Of course, he is to enter into training right away as he needs to be discipled, trained, equipped and mentored. Ralph Howe Ministries has committed its resources and time to help him to fulfill the conditions for this word to come to pass and to enable him to walk out each and every detail of his word. The full prophetic word was powerful and creative and has already begun to bring about changes in his circumstances and situation. Remember, a prophetic word is the given and the person receiving it is the variable and will see change released into his life as a result of receiving a word. Your prayers for Artem Kaleyev and our work with him would be greatly appreciated.

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