Arrived in Turkey…

I have arrived in Turkey and will be settling in over the next hour or two, finding my bearings, locating the coffee shop, and connecting to the wireless structure. Then a decent sleep as I have travelled straight for 33 hours. Have read several excellent and spent time thinking through some necessary changes to what I do in the ministry and how I accomplish it. So, used the time well but it is now imperative that I sleep so that on Friday I am fresh and ready to meet with friends from various nations and even to meet some new people over a meal. Need to be fresh and able to focus on what is being shared and discussed.

While here there will be adequate time set aside for personal time with The Lord. More than most of us who are in full time ministry actually achieve while back home working. So, I plan some early morning walks along the sea shore and late afternoon walks among the orange and lemon trees that are bearing fruit at this time of the year. The next five days here are designed to allow each of us to focus on our personal relationship with The Lord and to take the opportunity of being away from the regular flow of events to actually “be still and know that He is God.”

Your prayers for everyone here and the forming of new relational bonds and the deepening of already existing solid, caring relationships would be greatly appreciated. I will try to keep you informed daily of other prayer needs as they arise.

Thanks for caring and praying….

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