Are you in the Priesthood?

The Bible talks about “the priesthood of all believers” and makes no division between clergy and laity. We are all ministers of the Gospel, ambassadors of the Lord Jesus, and empowered to walk supernaturally in the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere I go I disciple, train and equip believers – young and old – to minister to one   another. This is the work of an apostle. I focus on teaching them to speak the heart of God to others – both saved and unsaved – because prophecy changes people’s lives permanently. Even praying for the sick is done prophetically.

So, in each place – although I minister I never do so alone. I always call others up from the congregation to help even if they have never done it before. Thy are seriously amazed at what  happens … especially how they clearly hear God . The Bible states “MY sheep hear My voice” and that “you shall all prophesy” and I am simply acting on what the Bible states His priests should do in His Name to honor Him and minister in His Name.

The day of the professional expert is over. The day of the five-fold ministry team equipping all of God’s people – the priesthood – has begun. The day of simply coming and watching has ended. The day of participating and being a part of what is happening is upon us. This is what apostles are all about. This is what the Church was always meant to be like. And, it is time to return to the original blueprint and change whatever needs to be changed – including removing every thought contrary to the ways of Christ and pulling down those religious strongholds in your head and heart that you are not even aware of. It’s time!

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