April Fools Day

In many nations of the world today is April fool’s Day. In Russian speaking countries they know it by a slightly different name but it is the same event in their culture as in North American culture. It is a silly day and a silly name for a silly day and Christians really should have noithing to do with it.

As a believer I personally refuse to even acknowledge the day in my life although I do know it exists. Think about it… why be an “April fool” when you can be a “fool for Christ.” (1 Corinthians 4:10). Afterall, we are to live by a different standard than the world’s standards – that’s foolish. We follow someone who was reviled, rejected, and crucified – that’s foolish. We preach and share a Gospel or Good News that is a serious offense to those who are perishing – doing so seems foolish. We are narrow-minded as we believe there is only one way into Heaven and His Name is Jesus – real foolishness as it pegs us as exclusive and arrogant. We give and don’t worry about receiving in return – utterly foolish. We believe that to really live means to die – now, that’s straight foolishness. We take up our cross daily to follow our Lord’s example – foolish. We even love our enemies and bless those that persecute us – totally foolish, in fact, insane.

I am a fool for Christ. I admit it. I travel the world sharing Jesus with anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. I talk to everyone I come into contact with in my daily life when at home if they stand still long enough to listen. I don’t look for opportunities – I simply make them by striking up conversations with every person I can and that is a lot of conversations in any given day. Many people think I’m a complete fool – even an idiot. They don’t always mouth the words but their face and their body language tells me that this is the case. I don’t care actually. I would rather offer them the opportunity to join me in Heaven for all of eternity risking their ridicule or rejection than disobey the command of the Lord to “go into all the world…” and “seek and save the lost” as He did.

In the long run – when we all stand before the Lord on Judgment Day it will be seriously obvious who the real fools are – those who heard the Gospel and didn’t accept the offer of eternal life. And maybe those who are believers who never did anything with the mandate to all believers to “make disciples of people in all nations.”

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