An Apostolic Understanding – Part Seven

We are looking at the Church that Jesus is building. It is apostolic in nature and Kingdom focused. This led us to looking at various aspects of the Kingdom. Let’s complete that today.

So far in the last two blogs we have seen that:

1> Kingdom deals with power confirming the Word
2> The Kingdom has a fivefold ministry governmental structure
3> There is a King that all Kingdom inhabitants submit to
4> Every member is a minister and must discover their rightful place of ministry
5> The Kingdom has a culture all of its own.
6> The Kingdom is here and now upon the earth
7> God’s Kingdom is not based on worldly patterns
8> Kingdom needs to be revealed to each believer
9> You cannot delay or postpone the Kingdom
10> A Kingdom mentality will give you a “scattering” structure

11> Kingdom has a ‘presence’ mentality. Those involved seek and know the presence of God. They are not need-driven they are presence-driven. People who are Kingdom minded know that unless God’s presence is established the Church will not move forward into fulfilling it’s Kingdom mandate. You can go to church, gather, fellowship, meet people, and enjoy interacting without impacting or even influencing the future or society. Of course, you can do this in most worldly or secular events and organizations as well. For Kingdom people this is simply never enough as good as it may be. We are presence-driven.

12> The Kingdom is at war with the domain of darkness. Kingdom people understand the spiritual forces that the devil has established that oppose the advancement of the Kingdom. And, as Jesus said when speaking with the disciples of John the Baptist, “the violent take the Kingdom by force.” You cannot be passive if you want to be a part of the Kingdom and its advancement. You must by aggressive, filled with zeal, energetic, passionate, and full of life. Lethargic and apathetic status quo maintainers are not Kingdom people even though they may be church members.

So, there comes a time when wineskins change. The Lord has a day for a structure that has been in place to make a shift. The Lord initiates the season of change and we are currently in such a season. We choose if we want to be involved and be productive in the Kingdom or if we will simply sit it out and become or remain non-productive.

In this new season we will see a continuing emphasis on the ministry of the apostle and the prophet as they begin to work together more often as a team. We will see the Gospel of the Kingdom being planted in spiritually dark places where there is currently no church. We will come to understand and receive the fullness of Jesus’ ministry by welcoming the fivefold ministry that has been raised up and see the Spirit remove the solo pastor leadership style now predominant in most churches. And, we will see the return of prominent regional churches like we see in the Book of Acts in cities like Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, and elsewhere.