An Apostolic Understanding – Part Eighteen

We are looking at the new wineskin that Jesus is building into which He will be pouring new wine – the Church is in need of change. So, we can allow Jesus, who is building His Church, to change the current local church you attend or He will simply move down the street and find some people who want to move forward with His plan and purpose and He will start again…

A prophetic word received recently…(Anne Klassen for 2017)

God said, “The Church will rise to a whole new level this year. What has seemed impossible in the past will now become the norm. Instead of “trying” to heal the sick, a supernatural grace will fall on My people and signs and wonders will flow automatically. It will lead both the one ministering the healing and the one receiving it to be in utter amazement. This is My grace, says the Lord. Do not take it for granted, but expect it and cherish it highly. In the eyes of most, many of these “ministers” will seem unqualified, but did I, the Lord, not say that I would use the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the wise? These “unlearned people” will come from all corners and take their place in the Kingdom of God and their God-given assignments. Be ready to receive them for they are my choice instruments in these ends of days. Many of them will be very young, and these too shall receive great grace to fulfill their assignments, even in the midst of much persecution. This grace will be given to those who say YES with no restrictions.

The Church will need to adapt to sudden change. Things will happen so fast … one thing at the heels of another. Flexibility, spontaneity, and obedience is critical for the Body of Christ in these end days. I hear the Lord say, “travel light.” Carry no burdens, unforgiveness, or ulterior motives. Give much grace and grace will be given to you.

There will also be a great falling away. Many who have seemed to be “in” will turn away because the price is too great to pay (like the rich young ruler). These will quickly fall into sin and deception, but not so with those who have committed themselves wholeheartedly to the King and His Kingdom. These will be refuelled with a fire hotter than they have previously known. This fire will propel them forward fearlessly, and through these the Holy Spirit will perform incredible signs and wonders. They, like Moses, will hold the rod (authority) over the waters and the sea will part. They will hear the Lord clearly and follow instructions precisely. This will result in miraculous works and a great joy will come upon the people. Praise will flow from a heart overflowing with thanksgiving, and the joy of the Lord will be their strength.

So, a season of great change and serious adjustment as we become the Church that Jesus is building for new wine and the Last Days that we are in

The current form of the Church is no longer working – The Church needs fixing

Despite it’s godly heritage, America is now one of the world’s greatest mission fields

Gideon’s International estimates that there are over 250 million unsaved people in the United States. This means two out of every three Americans doesn’t know Jesus
Of all the nations in the world, only China and India have more unsaved than America

The American Church is notoriously ineffective in reaching the lost.

Campus Crusade for Christ reported that it takes one thousand laymen and six full-time pastors a full year to lead one person to Jesus. That is not effective evangelism Of those who respond to our evangelist efforts, less than five percent are still in the Church a year later. If the Church in Acts had been that ineffective, they could have seen 3000 saved on Pentecost, and been down to 150 members within a year

There are an estimated 25 million unchurched Christians in America! These are born again Christians who don’t consider being an active part of a local family of God – the church – to be worth the effort Growing in numbers quickly – the “unchurched”

The average church in America has 65 members and is decreasing  Since 1991, the number of Americans who do NOT attend church has increased by 92%

Not one county (municipality) has seen a net increase in church attendance in decades. A few churches are large and growing, but they are always surrounded by “feeder churches” that are small and dwindling as people leave for the larger, full-service churches. The Church is no longer having an impact on society

80% of American pastors (that is 4 out of 5) are discouraged in their ministry and regularly struggle with depression

These and other statistics speak loudly that the church is not working – it needs fixing

The reason for these staggering statistics and many others is not that people – leaders – are not working hard and putting in long hours

I believe that the reason for these statistics is because we have not been following God’s plan
And that God is now speaking through His apostles and prophets regarding a major Church quake

And that, like the Sons of Issachar, those attending churches like ours need to recognize the times and the seasons and what God is wanting to do