Apostolic Team Requirements

If you would like to join Ralph on an apostolic mission trip either to plant churches or work in existing churches here in North America or overseas – the following are the basic requirements we look for in people when forming a mission team…

1> The person must be born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit

2> The person must be able to flow in one or more of the revelatory gifts – Prophecy, Word of
Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and the Discerning of Spirits
3> The person must not be a new convert – but must have had some time to adjust their life
style to their new spiritual reality. Your lifestyle and attitude is what will be seen before your
spiritual gifting.

4> The person must be a mature believer and must be able to supply at least three character

5> Beneficial but not essential – experience with teaching God’s Word

6> Must be in good standing with and actively involved in one local church where they are in
solid, mature relationships with other believers

7> The potential team member will be required to have their pastor’s or leader’s blessing to
join the ministry team. This recommendation would be needed in writing.

8> The person must be tithing (10% of gross income) to their local church and be making
offerings to missions and other worthy causes in that local church

9> The person must have a “decent” knowledge of biblical truth

10> The person must be willing to give their testimony publicly at any time that they are asked

11> The person will be expected to pay all their own expenses relating to the mission trip and to do so without going into personal debt. This would involve…
a. Passport expenses (if they don’t have one yet)
b. Visitor visas if needed (some countries do not require one)
c. Air fare and ground transportation (taxi, bus or train when necessary)
d. At times – food and lodging (depending on the nation and the purpose of the trip)
e. Other miscellaneous expenses (coffee, bottled water, meals while travelling…)

12> When possible – the person must be willing to meet for team meetings both before and after the mission trip. Before to prepare and build the team unity – afterwards to debrief and grow by discussing the experience. We understand that geography may prevent this.

13> Must be a team player and work well with others

14> Able to submit to leadership

15> Must be teachable

16> Willing to meet with the leaders and other team members each day for training, discussion, team building times, fellowship, and a report and critical look at the ministry they are involved in currently as a team member

17> Humble and broken and dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit!

18> Willing to read two books before the trip:
a. Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan
b. Re.Entry – Making the Transition From Missions to Life at Home by Peter Jordan

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