Apostolic Team Meeting #1

When born again – Christ in you the hope of glory

Then it is up to you to sort out who you are “in Christ”
To do this – intimacy with Jesus (Romans 6:23b and John 17:3)
Jesus calls us to intimacy – Mark 3:13-14

The Christian faith is a daily, ever deepening, very dynamic, personal, unique, intimate LOVE RELATIONSHIP with God the Father and Jesus Christ whom He sent; empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit and lived out in long-term committed relationships with other disciples in a local church.

The Christian Church is a family and community of disciples (known as the Body of Christ) with Jesus as its (Head) Leader. As a healthy organism, with members walking in power towards wholeness, we invite all others to share in Jesus Christ’s love and life.

In this relationship He and you are working with who He has called you to BE and then what He has called you to DO
What you do arises out of who you are “in Christ” and your intimacy with Him

A Christian is a maturing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and thus an ambassador of the Kingdom of God reaching out to the lost where they live and around the world proclaiming the night-and-day difference that Jesus has made and is making in their life.

In this relationship He is working on your CHARACTER and CHRISTLIKENESS

Character: family, friends, fun, finances, fruit, faith, faithfulness

Fruit – Fruit of the Spirit as well as if you are witnessing to others

Character development and Christlikeness will allow the CALLING of God on your life to begin to rise up, function and thus be encouraged by the leaders of the church
Calling – first and foremost it is to “go and seek and save the lost” and then whatever has been revealed to you prophetically

This development of your character and the recognition of calling is part of a larger process that includes: discipling, training, equipping, and mentoring

  • DISCIPLING – The basics to keep a Christian alive, healthy, and able to grow into maturity
  • TRAINING – Teaching the basic doctrines of the Christian faith (ten of them)
  • EQUIPPING – Understanding, moving and being released in the supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • MENTORING – a personal involvement and relationship with a mature leader and minister of the Gospel learning to combine life and ministry into one integrated whole (sharing of the life and ministry of the mentor)

COMMITMENT which involves COMMUNICATION and leads to CONSISTENCY in relationships, in the church and in ministry

So, believing (who you are in Christ) – belonging (to the local church) – becoming (character and ministry)

COMMISSIONING – released to be in authority because of the above SIX “c’s”
A lot of choices and decisions need to made in this process
Your choice – Powerful or popular

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