Apostolic People – Part One

Let’s look at the characteristics and qualities of those who will welcome and flow in the new wine. These are apostolic people – people who understand that the Holy Spirit is moving today and doing something new. They are people who might also know what the Holy Spirit is actually doing today. Apostolic people have usually been influenced by the ministry of apostles and have some perception and idea of what the Church that Jesus is building will look like in the years to come.

Apostolic people will:

1. Have a deep love for and understanding of the Father. They will have experienced and had an encounter with the living God and will be true converts, disciples of the Lord Jesus, members of the family of God – the Church, and ambassadors of the Lord. They will have a revelation of our Heavenly Father knowing with great assurance that He loves them, that He is their Father, and that they are His son or daughter. They will walk with great confidence knowing His unconditional love, total acceptance, and absolute forgiveness.

2. Have moved beyond the old wine and the old wineskins. They will have responded to God’s shaking of His Church and allowed Him to remove all of the old religious and traditional garbage and junk so that they are simply hanging on to the bare essentials (Hebrews 12:26-27 The Message Version). They are no longer imposing their standards upon others and are no longer forcing people to become like them. They are allowing each and every new believer and every fellow disciple to express their true inner being without man’s external controls and rules. They will truly walk in freedom and become all that their Father designed them to be – unique.

3. Have received the life of God and will see, know, and experience that life as foundational to their whole walk with God and their ability to enjoy all that God has given to them and has planned for them. Experiencing His life daily will be an important focus of a true apostolic person for they recognize that the life of God flowing within them is the light of the world as it was with Jesus during His earthly life as a man (John 1:4).

Well, that will get us thinking in the right direction … More tomorrow

2 replies
  1. samuel
    samuel says:

    Thanks for the blog but to put it into action in my life and my family!!!… and to find the true connection to an apostle

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    Thanks for the comment to the current blog. Good to hear from you. We must become an apostolic people because this is who Jesus is calling us to be. In your area I honestly do not know any apostles or even apostles-in-training. They are still few and hard to find in Canada. And those you do locate may already be discipling, mentoring and relating to a substantial number of young people and not have time for one more. However, this much is true – if you don’t look for one you won’t find him. And, if you don’t value one when you find him you won’t keep him.


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