Apostolic Ministry – Russia #2

Tomorrow I leave for a two week apostolic trip in the great and large country of Russia. This is our third trip into the nation in the last 18 months and our ministry to God’s people there is continuing to grow and literally multiply. It is doing so very rapidly and so we are hard pressed to meet all the requests that we receive to come and minister.

The route is fairly simple this time. I fly from Regina to Toronto (3 hours flying time). There I have three hours before the next flight – and a good book to read. Then a 9.5 hour flight to Frankfort, Germany where I will then have a 4 hour stop over – with another good book to read. Then my last flight which is almost 4 hours long into Moscow – too tired to read. There I will be met by my administrator who works full time for this ministry and we will travel together to our first place of ministry (about three hours through Moscow traffic).

I will arrive near supper time on the Saturday which will be 9 hours ahead of the time where you live if you are in Central Canada. So, when it is 9:00p in Moscow it is 12:00p or noon in Central Canada. Each day while on this trip if you subscribe to these blogs you will receive an update of our activities during the middle of your day – late evening here. And, when necessary, we will be sending out prayer requests for things that are happening and that we are facing in the ministry in Russia.

We appreciate your interest in and continued support for the ministry we have been called by the Lord to accomplish in the nations of the former Soviet Union. Thanks for standing with us in faith.

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