Apostolic Ministry – Russia #1

This Friday the 21st I will, once again, be on my way overseas on my first apostolic trip for 2011. This trip takes me to Russia where I will be ministering for two weeks in a number of different locations.

This trip I will be in a number of churches and ministries where we have not ministered before. These include a number of local churches as well as a major training school for future pastors and leaders. The first week we are in the City of Moscow where we have ministered a number of times during previous trips. However, we will be ministering to a new group for us. We hope, in some spare time, to touch bases with those we have worked with before and simply continue to build our relationship with them.

After our first full week in Moscow we will be ministering for three days in the City of Mytischy – again a new place for us and here we will be speaking to the leaders of a Network or Union of churches and ministering prophetically. Then we will be returning to the City of Ivanovo where we were in the fall of 2010 to continue ministering to the local church we are working with as well as to a number of other local churches as we do several joint services for the city. We will also be ministering in a local church in the City of Vladimir – again, new for us.

God has graciously blessed us, once again, with some wonderful places to minister where we can impact both the leaders and the people of a number of churches and Networks. We would appreciate your prayer support over the next two weeks (January 21 to February 7) as we travel overseas and fulfill the call of God on this ministry to lay apostolic foundations for His Church in many nations of the former Soviet Union.

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