Apostolic and Prophetic – Exciting

We live in an exciting season in the life of the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ.

For many years – both during the days recorded for us in the Bible and in many different seasons since the close of the canon of Scripture – the voice of the Lord was not heard; prophecy did not flow readily among God’s people.

1 Samuel 3:1 states: “And the Word of the LORD was rare in those days; there was no frequent vision.” And, of course, we know from the book of Proverbs that “where there is no prophecy the people perish (are unrestrained, run wild).”

So, during Samuel’s earlier days the people were very rebellious. But later, when he was functioning in the role of a prophet, people began to hear more frequently from God and major changes were quickly forthcoming.

Today – we need to embrace the prophetic gifts as well as the main ministries of apostles and prophets who flow regularly in these gifts. We need to hear God speak whether to individuals, local churches, regions or nations … it is imperative that we know what the Lord is saying to His people in these last days. And, He reveals His plans regarding the nations beforehand to those who minister apostolically and prophetically (Amos 3:7) so that they can speak to the Church and prepare believers to minister powerfully and supernaturally during the rapidly changing times in which we live.

We, of course, need to always judge the prophetic. We also need to examine the life of the prophet and apostle and the fruit arising from their ministry as Jesus warned us of many false apostles and prophets in the end times.

I am thankful for the gifts of prophecy and recognize that we live in an awesome time in the Lord. We, like the sons of Issachar, (1 Chronicles 12:32) know ahead of time what the Lord is about to do (the times and the seasons) and thus are prepared to minister the gospel of salvation in the midst of this fast-paced, every changing human landscape.

The harvest is truly readyand we are the laborers. EXCITING!

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