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As I have mentioned before – by survey the young people today in many nations are asking a basic ten questions. Regretfully, many times the Church is not listening to them and does not realize that they are asking good, solid, spiritual questions. And, by research and having worked with this for over a year now, it has become obvious to me that the answer to their basic ten questions are the basic ten doctrines of the Christian faith. I have written extensively on these ten questions in earlier blogs (2012) but now it is time to take this the next step.

I am working with Bob MacDonald of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and Bill Lewis from Butler, Ohio, in the United States writing position papers for these ten doctrines. Each of us are working on three of these doctrines (I have the extra one so working on four of them) and then our research and writing of a ten page paper (approximately) will be reviewed by the other two members of the project. The final copy of the ten apostolic doctrines will then be published in English, Russian, Armenian, and Spanish.

There is a tremendous demand for these doctrines – pastors and leaders of churches in the nations where I work have asked me for written teachings on these doctrines after I have quickly mentioned them while doing leadership schools. So, this project we are embarking on is a result of the demand for good, solid teachings on the basic doctrines of the Christian church as many leaders in numerous nations have never received any training in this area.

So, the list includes:

1> Can we trust the Bible? – Doctrine of Scripture
2> Does God really exist? – Doctrine of God
3> Whose world is it anyways? – Doctrine of Creation
4> What is God like? – Doctrine of the Trinity
5> Is my future fixed and predetermined (fate)? – Doctrine of Predestination
6> Why do human beings suffer? – Doctrine of Evil
7> What’s so different about Jesus? – Doctrine of Christ
8> Why was the cross necessary? – Doctrine of Salvation
9> Why do I need the Holy Spirit? – Doctrine of Supernatural Power
10> Where is the world heading? – Doctrine of Eschatology (of the end times)

Another project this ministry has initiated and is involved in. It is good to see three seasoned apostolic men working together and advancing the Kingdom as we train and equip leaders in many nations of the world through this research and writing project.

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