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The first School of Apostles and Prophets that this ministry has ever sponsored and been involved in started today in Kirovograd, Ukraine. We have a tremendous number of apostles and prophets “in training” who are attending. Most have now sat through two services and two major teachings as well as a fellowship meal supplied at the Church. Others (4 or 5) arrive later tonight having driven thousands of kilometers to attend and will be with us from later today and tomorrow onwards. It is a good group -mixed in age, gender, ethnicity, experience and levels of maturity and experience.

Again, we are facing the issues that we have been unwillingly involved in. At our last location the leader who is opposing us phoned our hosts (from Canada none the less) the day we arrived to try and convince them to reject us. Hs call failed but led to another 3 hour conversation and another invitation to minister later this year. Here at the School we have a number of pastors who have acted in unbiblical fashion and listened to gossip and rumors and thus been offended and now carry offences. Two arrived last night after supper and it is very obvious they have been “slimed” as I call it – spiritually infected by another man’s inability to deal biblically with issues between himself and the leaders in his own union (network). Issues into which I was dragged because I spoke a positive prophetic word over one of their churches last August when invited to minister there.

The whole situation has been handled (or not handled) in a non-biblical fashion and many are being hurt by it – including us.

So, we have called a meeting with these leaders from another nation – asking the pastors of the local church we are using for the school to attend as they are the church that has been dealt with in a wrong manner by the leader of their former union and where I gave the positive prophetic word. Another long and stressful encounter. Hopefully, the truth will set them free but often this is not the case as offences then to grab hold of people’s hearts and minds and they never do recover. The reputation of many great believers also never recovers.

Sad – but one day there will be a day when the Lord holds everyone accountable for their actions and words, attitudes and throughts.

However, we have determined not to let any of this stop us. God called us to minister in Eastern Europe and to introduce the ministry of apostles and prophets to many churches and unions that have never heard of this part of the five-fold ministry. He has called us to help heal those who have been wounded by prophets in the past when they came in a spirit of judgment and condemnation and publically destoyed people. He has opened doors for us and I believe man’s efforts cannot close them. I believe that there is much that this ministry has been called to do and we will do it. We are simply being opposed by those who don’t want people to walk in freedom and want to continue to manipulate and control those who work under their authority.

So, we continue to plan a part two to this first level of the School for Apostles and Prophets to be held near the end of 2010 or the start of 2011 depending on my other obligations and ministry opportunities. We are excited about what is happening this week – as many young apostles and prophets learn about the sub-foundation for the ministry they are building (Biblical life principles) and the foundation upon which their ministry must be built (character). As well, they will be learning about how to handle specific issues that they are or will face in their ministries (offences, conflict, personal rejection, intimidation) and uncovering their total gift-mix relating to their calling.

It is an exciting week we face and one that will go very quickly – too quickly I am afraid.

Your prayers for the School as well as for the extra meetings we are ending up holding would be greatly appreciated.

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