Another Response to Guest Blogger – Worth Reading Twice

Bill Lewis wrote a great article which is a recent blog called “Guest Blogger – Worth Reading Twice”. He has recently circulated some responses he received from this edition of his e-newsletter. I thought several were worth adding to the web site…

From: Jim Mann, Denton, Texas

Hi Bill –
Just read your article “Let’s Face It” re. the end of the Charismatic movement…and I’m not sure how to respond. My mind is spinning and smoke is coming out of my ears – so I am thinking and ruminating on it. I recommend Phylis Tickle’s “The Great Emergence” if you have time. It describes the church remaking itself every 500 years – the last was the Protestant Reformation. That means we are due. So what replaces the movement??

Hi Jim – I think we are at that 500 year mark and something is coming our way. The day of enterprise Christianity has to give to a reality of a new kind. – Bill

good riddence! -Jim

The Death of Enterprise Christianity

Die Again

As Martin Luther walked the streets of Rome, he bought the relics and trinkets of Christianity of the 16th Century. Museums of artifacts, authentic and fake, were laid out for the pilgrims to look at, venerate, buy. The surreal scene finally repulsed him. He left Rome disenchanted with religion, but passionate for a real Christ.

Today, we are walking the streets of western culture and once again, we are inundated with the massiveness of the industry of Christianity. You can buy crosses, rings, books, t-shirts, and so much paraphernalia that supposedly makes you a Christian. We have malls in churches. The whole scene, even though it is modern and chic, is still a long way from the reality of Christ.

It is time for the enterprise to die again. Some move of God has to come and clear away the jetsam and flotsam of enterprise Christianity. It is said that a major change comes in church history about every 500 years. We are there. It is time.

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