And the wait goes on…

I’m sitting in Sacramento International Airport waiting for the flight to board that will take me to Minniapolis. Almost an hour wait so time to write.

The check-in was, as I feared, electronic. However, with the help of a very kind Northwest employee I managed to get through the check-in with proper boarding passes and my nerves still intact. And, other than having to remove shoes, belt, wallet, etc. I got through the metal detectors without setting the alarms off. Always a bit unsettling when the green light turns red and the buzzer goes.

If you live in the Sacramento area you need to visit one of the neatest churches in the world,I am sure. I attend and minister in hundreds of churches a year and this one is special to God. You walk in the sanctuary and you are immediately embraced by the presence of God. As well, there is an underlying sense or current of God’s power within the worship center. It is a church with great worship. We worshipped for 70 minutes (after a prayer time that included worship of over an hour). Then the pastor ministered the Word of God teaching from God’s Word. That is somewhat novel today as a lot of preachers just use a verse and then jump into their opinion … Jeff, the senior pastor, actually preached God’s Word and not his opinion. Way to go! Refreshing!

The people are warm and friendly – no, more than that. Welcoming and loving. They genuinely care and the compassion and care are real and not put on. This is the real thing and they love you because they know God loves them and they want others to experience God’s love. There was a lunch after the service (and a meeting I was priviledged to attend) and the love was still there and just as genuine. Love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Rare to find – but real and plentiful at this church.

If you are looking for a church; if you are hungry for a place that genuinely cares; if you are looking for good teaching of God’s Word and great worship; if you are tired of “church as usual” and “business as usual; if you are looking for a soul-winning, life-changing church; if you are looking for a spiritual home; if you want to be equipped and released in your ministry giftings; if you are wanting to know more about Jesus and the claims of the Christian faith … have a look at Woodlands Assembly of God Church in Woodlands, California. The pastor is Jeff Bills and the church number is (530) 662-7150 and the web site is You will be blessed, seriously blessed.

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