And the beat Goes On – Calgary Trip #5

I’m sitting in the airport in Calgary. I have checked through security and my bags are no longer being dragged behind me. I have had some fruit and cheese for breakfast (you don’t want to know what that cost me) and now I am sitting with almost 2 hours before the flight I will be on leaves the terminal. Diet Pepsi and a laptop.

Just want you to know airports are a rip off. Other than the food costs the airport requires you to pay to connect to their unsecured (get that – unsecured) wireless internet. That would be okay except that in Minneapolis the company you had to purchase a month’s internet access with was Blingo and here it is Telus. So, my membership in one system does not work in another system. All for less than an hour on the internet to write blogs. Hotspots are common these days – free ones, I mean. Three areas in my home city have them paid for by the city. Any coffee shop worth its salt supplies free internet hookup. What is wrong with the airports?

Short flight (an hour and a bit) and I will be in Regina. Some afternoon appointments (witnessing for the Gospel), a stop at a computer store for some needed office programming as we continue to upgrade our systems and then a meeting at The R.O.C. Church in the city of Regina (just scheduled since I have been in Calgary) where they need some apostolic oversight for a disciplinary action that they are taking. I think that meeting is followed by a BBQ for me with the leadership. Steak!

Tomorrow (Friday) my travels do not end as I am in Moose Jaw to minister. Then Saturday a day in the office which, at least, means basically a no people day. Then, in the evening, (weather permitting and body willing) – an outreach event on the parking lot of a major theatre chain.

Sunday – well, Sunday is Sunday and always a jam-packed day.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for this very important apostolic-prophetic trip to Calgary to minister at this new Church plant. Thanks for praying for Dennis Cramer and myself. We both deeply appreciate your time in prayer before the throne of God on our behalf. I will attempt to post a Blog tomorrow on what God accomplished through these few days in Calgary and where we think we need to go from here. Good fuel for more prayer!

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