An Upcoming Trip

This Saturday I leave for Ohio where I will be involved in a three day meeting that runs from Sunday supper through to Tuesday lunch. Before the meeting I will experience worship with a local church in Celina, Ohio and after the meeting I will have the opportunity to spend 24 hours with my host for this trip in his home. He is one of the leaders of the group of men I will be visiting with. I have a pile of questions I want to ask him as the situation allows.

This is a meeting that I was invited to attend although I have never met any of those who are going to be involved. A number of apostolic men from various regions in the United States are coming together to seek the Lord, worship, and minister prophetically as well as the hear three or four of them present “position papers” on a number of wide-ranging topics. A time of learning together what the Lord is saying and doing in the Body of Christ today and a look into the future and what the Lord is preparing for His people.

This is being called an apostolic roundtable and I am excited that I have been invited to be one of those in attendance. In fact, more than excited – honored. God has graciously supplied the funding for the trip – airfare, hotels and meals … and so I already see His hand directing this connection and wider networking of both my personal apostolic ministry (Ralph Howe Ministries) and the Network that I work with here as an apostle with their various groups and network. Unity always blesses God and releases His anointing upon His people in fresh ways.

So, I would appreciate your prayers … and I will blog daily (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) while on this short trip into the wonderful nation of the United States. I would appreciate as many people praying as we can raise for this task as I believe these few days are vital to this ministry and the ministry of all apostles in this nation.

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