An Encounter on Air Canada Flight to Toronto

I have just arrived in Toronto Airport after a three hour plus flight from Regina to this city. I have been here many times before and went instinctively to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a cup of good coffee. Air flight coffee literally sucks. I am enjoying a good cup of coffee while blogging.

I was planning to sit down for a good three hour read on the plane. I was looking forward to it, in fact. Ah! Quiet time – feeding time. There was a lady in my seat and so I asked her the seat and row number she was suppose to be in. One seat over – she could not read the symbols as to which seat was C and which was B. She moved over. Obviously she has not flown too often so I said hi and started a general conversation – where are you going, how come, for how long. It’s like a recording when you fly a lot. I was not looking for a conversation as I wanted to (needed to) read. The conversation ended and I settled in to my book somewhat relieved.

A few minutes later she looked over and saw the title of the book – The Second Resurrection – and asked me if I was a minister. I admitted I was and that the t-shirt and blue jeans were simply a disguise as I was working undercover for the Lord today. We jumped right in – she asked me what happens when someone dies. She lost her husband a few months ago and is wondering where he is. She is a nominal Lutheran who lives in Moose Jaw. Open door – could not resist.

Three hours later we are landing in Toronto and we are still talking. Conversation included – resurrection, Heaven, Hell, life after death, judgment for sins, good works as a way to get to Heaven, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christianity versus religion, the priesthood, homosexuality, tattoos, church planting, the network of churches I work with and what “kind of” churches they are, the need to know Jesus personally, the death and resurrection of Jesus as the payment for our sins, the need to walk with Jesus every day so that there is a constant growth in one’s character and spiritual life…. drinking, drugs, gambling, churches in Moose Jaw where she lives, neighbors who smoke even after removal of a lung, addictions, work in Russia, modern technology, narrowmindedness of born again believers, the Bible, what it means to have faith in, young people and their culture, post-Christian country we live in … the list is almost endless.

However, I did manage to get the gospel out three of four times during the long and winding road of a conversation. It was not what I wanted – I simply wanted some quiet to read. However, when the Holy Spirit opens the door – I always jump in. In hindsight it was a lot of fun.

I ask you to pray for Linda as she continues her journey to Halifax and to faith in Jesus…

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