An Encounter, An Insight and An Encouragement

An encounter: On the way to Ohio yesterday I was standing in the airport in Minneapolis waiting for a connecting flight and began talking with a young man who offered to move his bag so I could sit down. As I wanted to stand after many hours in a cramped plane I thanked him but said I would prefer to stand. The conversation began…

I found out he was on his way home to see his folks, his dad is a retired Baptist preacher, he is a student and a jock and has a full scholarship to a university in Hawaii. His fiance (he has not told his dad yet) is also pregant (again his dad does not know). The wedding in is upstate New York in ten days (it might be good to tell dad). His fiance has a full scholarship to another university on mainland USA. One of them is not going to be able to receive the benfit of the full scholarship being offered or they are going to be newly weds with a baby and living apart. I let him know when he told us what his dad does (still preaching – just not full time) that he was sharing with two pastors. Just as we were getting into the “is there a discrepence between being a believer (he even knew the date he was born again) and sleeping with someone before marriage – the flight was boarding immediately and the conversation ended. Irt was a good encounter and we were able to encouragement him and give him a little guidance … and we are now praying for him.

An insight: there was no shyness or embarassment about telling two men old enough to be his dad that he was sleeping with his girlfriend (now fiance) and was about to be a father. It did not fizz him in the least. He did not, obviously, recognize it as a sin or something that might be better to be kept private between family members. No shame. No godly sorrow. No indication that he thought it wrong in the least. This is most certainly a generation without absolute standards and a real belief in the Word of God and the God of the Word even when born again.

An Encouragement: We arrived after another plane ride and a 90 minute car ride at the home in which we are staying. We sat with our hosts – an elderly couple – and chatted until after 1:00 a.m. She mentioned that the pastor’s wife had her typing out a prophetic word that I had given to her in July last year when I was last here. Apparently it was a word that seriously ministered to her and gave her hope and encouragement as well as new life in her walk with God. I remember that it was a long word and a powerful word but really don’t remember a great deal more. However, it was good to hear some feedback about the accuracy of the Word and the timeliness of it as well.

This morning at the church service the pastor’s wife came right up to me immediately and shared personally how much the Word had meant and what it had accomplished in her life and how it was still very active and alive and still coming to fullness as she cooperated with what was spoken. We were both in tears as we, once again, recognized the goodness of God towards His children. It was good to hear such encouagement as it has been a very long and difficult two or three weeks with growing opposition to this ministry overseas and the continual spreading of rumors and half-truths. God knew what I needed.

So, an encounter, an insight and an encouragment – thanks Lord for always knowing what I need and when I need it and for allowing me to touch lives with your love and for always meeting my needs.

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    I am so glad that you are receiving some encouragement from people. I bet that for every one who says something to you there are many many others that would like to.


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