An ancient Roman coliseum

An ancient Roman coliseum in what is now the nation of Turkey – the city of Pergum, or, as it was called in Acts 14:25 – the city of Perga. Here in this city Paul and Barnabas preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and established a beachhead for the Kingdom in this area before they moved on to Antioch. I stood in this coliseum where Christians died for their faith – and in the marketplace where Paul would have first shared the message as he made a  living making and selling tents. It was an awesome experience.

As you read the Book of Revelation (chapters 2 and 3) you read of seven churches. All of these were located in what is now the country of Turkey. None of them exist at this time. In fact, Turkey is now a secular state (since the 1920’s) and yet 97% of the population is Muslim by faith. The Christians of all types and denominations number 163,000 or 0.21% of the population of 75.7 million people. The witness of the Christian faith is almost nil and believers are often persecuted for their faith.

Jesus called His Church to be a house of prayer for all nations. Please pray for this great nation and for the believers who are standing strong in very difficult circumstances. Pray that the Church will continue to reach out, will see many come to faith in Jesus Christ, and grow stronger both spiritually and numerically week-by-week. Your prayers can and do make a difference.

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