An Amazing Opportunity

God has given each and every one of His followers an amazing opportunity to change a life by introducing friends and family to Jesus. We are called to follow Him so that He can “make us…” This means to change and adjust things in our hearts and lives so that we can become good at fishing for men (Matthew 4:19). The purpose of changing and adjusting us, maturing and teaching us, is so that we can join with Jesus in fulfilling the work that He started when He came to “seek and save the lost.” We call this The Great Commission which is “to go into all the world and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:19).

So, the relationship we have with Him – the intimacy – is not really just about us. It is about us influencing people as we talk about The Lord that we love and follow intimately. Then, as we influence people we will seriously impact nations. This is why Jesus said to “make disciples of all nations.” Anything less reduces our intimacy with The Lord to a self-centered, self-focused, all-about-me, selfish activity that it was never meant to be. He invites us to join Him in His work to impact the world and spread His Kingdom to the four corners of the planet – anything less is simply not acceptable.

What an amazing opportunity to actually do something important and eternal. Yet, so many disciples settle for so much less. They allow their issues, their feelings, their attitude, their needs, their desires, their agenda, their opinion to dictate what they do and don’t do. God’s Word and the actual demands and commands of Jesus take a backseat if they are even considered at all. And, then is some sort of self deception and self-allusion they believe everything is okay between them and God and it’s all good. Which, of course, it is not. They are living as carnal and immature believers when they have had more than ample opportunity to get over themselves (the Bible calls this dying to self and becoming a new creation in Christ) and focus on Jesus and all that He said and still speaks to our hearts today.

Time for believers to examine their hearts in light of the Bible and deal with personal issues. Time to bury the old nature and truly walk in the newness of life that Jesus offers each true disciple. Time to step back and see the big picture and realize that it is really not about you or us at all. It is all about Him, His will, His desires, His commands, His Church, His mandate, His Kingdom, His coming again. Only then do we really enter into the adventure He offers each one of us. Only then do we grab hold of the amazing opportunity that He offers to us – to join Him in seeing His will fulfilled.

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