Afterthoughts #1 – Ukraine

In both locations in which we ministered -Boyorka and Kransnoarmeysk the people sang “How Great Is Our God”. The words include:
How great is our God (sing with me)
How great is our God (that all may see)
How great, how great is our God
We sing the same song (in English) here in the churches where I minister. However, it is so totally different in Ukraine. And I mean totally different and not just the language (Russian).

Half of those attending come up front and cram together to better experience “corporate worship”. The rest, I am sure, would come to the front as well if there was actually some room to stand. It is wall-to-wall people swaying and dancing to the music, singing with all their hearts, minds, soul, and strength. Makes one tired just to watch them. They have their hearts raised along with their hands in praise and worship to their God – and it is very evident that they have a deep and personal relationship with this God whom they love, serve and would die for. Everyone – I mean everyone – in the building is engaged with the song and the act of heart worship to God. God’s presence is tangible. The anointing is so strong one can, at times, hardly stand in the presence of God.

We sing the chorus – and then we sing it again – and again – and again – and again – and again – and again – and again … you get the idea. It goes on for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, count them (no – don’t bother, simply enjoy) 15 minutes… People are “lost in God”, some are on their knees, some on their faces, some just stand really still with hands raised and faces looking up into Heaven (it is almost like Heaven has opened up above the sanctuary). I’m in tears just standing there with my heart open and hands raised. It is a holy and awesome moment in time. One that brings me to tears once again just remembering and recording.

It was exactly the same in both locations. These people are so in love with their God that they stand and sing the same words over and over and over again as they are literally touched by Heaven and seriously impact the heart of their God.

In the midst of this, in both places, I felt a new feeling come over me. Not a phsical feeling (like a chill) and definitely not an emotional feeling as I ‘felt’ nothing in that realm. It was a spiritual feeling and after many days of thought and prayer I am convinced my initial understanding or revelation is correct. It was God allowing me to “feel” what He was feeling as He watched His children in total self-abandonment in the midst of worship that honored, glorified and even magnified their God. It was an experience (twice – separated by 4 days and 1200 Km.) that I will never forget but hope to experience again soon!

North America – it is time to wake up and learn from those nations where we send missionaries and ministry teams. In many ways they have much that we don’t have – and what they have is what is important. We may have buildings and large numbers, programs and finances, radio and television ministries, big names and powerful ministries – BUT they have God! I mean it – they have God’s heart and His attention. And, if my prophetic sense is right – they will be the leading force in evangelizing the whole world one nation at a time. This will include sending young men and women to evangelize Canada and the United States of America. We will not, in my opinion, see revival without them for they have the heart and attention of God the Father in a way that we do not. AND, they are willing to obey -going anywhere in the world He may send them regardless of the cost. They are sold out to God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put our lack of commitment, zeal and passion to shame. We ought to be seriously ashamed of the lethargy, lack of commitment and zeal that we have in our churches. We need to return to our first love – and, by the way, that’s not comfort and pleasure – IT IS JESUS!

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