Accuracy Begins With Intimacy

As you read this – we will be well into our routine of ministering three times a day in Ukraine. The day begins early with preparation – looking over the teachings of the day – because once we are in the flow of the day’s activities there is no time to prepare or review. It is straight ministry through to the time you fall back into bed at the end of the day.

One of the key issues when ministering in Ukraine or anywhere for that matter is finding time to remain in touch with the Lord with whom and for whom you are ministering. Jesus said that He did only what He saw the Father do and spoke only what He heard the Father say. That means He spent quality time with the Father daily so that He could see and hear.

When I’m home working from my office – I go to the study first and have my time with the Lord – Bible reading, prayer, study, journaling. Then I go into the office and make the phone calls, handle the emails, do the paperwork … then in the afternoon I head out to be with people – helping, listening, praying with them, witnessing to them. After a quick supper – most nights I head out to teach somewhere. But, I work hard at carving out that time with the Lord in my study before the activities of the day begin. If I don’t get it early in the day – the day seems to take over and I simply don’t get it.

When you are not at home base – but are “on the road” ministering somewhere – the routines that help maintain your connection with the Lord simply are not there. I do seminars and conferences – which mean you teach and minister all day and often into the evening. It leaves little time or energy to have that connecting time with the Lord.

The problem arises when you minister prophetically which I tend to do. Accuracy in the prophetic begins with intimacy with the Holy Spirit and Jesus. So, if you are finding little time or energy at either end of the day to connect with the Lord and thus remain intimate with Him – then the ministry you are doing in His Name can tend to suffer. Your prophetic words will not be quite as pure or as sharp as they could be and really should be.

It is a real problem that all who minister “on the road” need to keep uppermost in their minds. When planning and organizing schedules for ministry (which I am doing the day I write this in mid-January) one must always remember that there needs to be time to simply minister to the Lord and spend time with Him so that He can also minister to you. There truly are “times of refreshing in the presence of our God” and we need to find – actually consciously make – time to be with Him daily in spite of or because of the schedule of ministry for the day.

And, it is no different for anyone who has a job to go to every day because that is your ministry. Paul states that we are “to do all things as unto the Lord” and so your current job is where you are called to minister. So, the truth I am writing about is applicable to you as well – accuracy (in ministering to others) begins with intimacy (between you and God).

Carefully guard your daily time with the Lord. It is precious and absolutely necessary.

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