A Year of Bold Leadership

In 1792, an unknown English pastor, part-time teacher and shoemaker began a revolution. His name was William Carey. He refused to accept the teaching in his day that the Great Commission was no longer relevant for the church. When he had the opportunity to address a group of ministers, he challenged them to give a reason why the Great Commission did not apply to them. They rebuked him, saying, “When God chooses to win the heathen, He will do it without your help or ours.” Yet Carey believed in his vision so strongly that he became a part of it and sailed as a missionary to India, thus launching the modern missionary movement.

Few today possess the boldness to launch out into the deep, leaving behind conventional wisdom in order to blaze new trails. Most people prefer the status quo – the tried-and-tested.

In the book, :The Leadership Challenge,” authors James Kouzes and Barry Posner say, “Leaders venture out. Those who lead others to greatness seek and accept challenge. Leaders are pioneers – people who are willing to step out into the unknown. They’re willing to take risks, to innovate and experiement in order to find new and better ways of doing things.”

I believe we are being challenged at the start of 2015. I believe the Holy Spirit is challenging us to step out of our little man-made boxes, our limited expectations, our lack of anticipation, our walk of sight and not faith … and grab hold of a vision that arises from deep in our hearts that yells: “Thy will be done on earth and in my life – just as it is done in Heaven.” It is time for true disciples of the Lord Jesus to stand in faith and apply that faith to fulfilling God’s will in their life – especially what He wants each one of us to accomplish during this new year 2015.

Like William Carey, we need to think biblical and act radical … and watch God use us to transform people’s lives and change the nations.

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