A Typical Day

It is Monday afternoon and I am on the road and have a few minutes to think and to ponder. Already today I have been dealing with some concerns that have arisen in Ukraine – resources that were mailed months ago and “gone missing” and the struggle to find them; funds that have been transferred by wire and have not arrived after a week and declared “missing in action (transit)” which is a new one for me; prayer for Miroslav who handles the Ukraine side of my ministry as he travels to the country of Moldova to teach in a Christian institute and preach in two different churches.

Locally – issues with my web page; blogs written for immediate posting; material written for a Network that I work with here and their new e-newsletter with it’s first edition about to be released to almost a hundred churches and ministries; a request to meet with someone who was part of this church many years ago (and whom we have not heard from since he left) and who is now in touch again because he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is looking to meet so I can lay hands on him and pray for his healing (which I will most certainly do later in the week); a quiet hour to think through next Sunday’s teachings and begin to jot some notes down to begin the process of determining what the Lord would have the sermon contain and what part of the research was simply for my edification and so will not form part of the teaching; and even managed to unpack the ’leftovers’ from last Sunday and began putting things aside for next Sunday’s two services (a mundane but important feature of the week).

Tonight – a time to pray and worship with the people of this church at our “House of Prayer for All Nations” night and then 20 to 30 emails that need answering along with finishing April and May’s “master calendars” so we can coordinate where I am to be and when. This will take me well into the early morning.

A very normal and very fulfilling day for yours truly.

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