A Snowy Friday

It has been a good morning as I have been writing blogs and teachings. I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading (see “A Snowy Thursday” blog for November 11, 2021). There is not a day goes by that I am not writing something. I am constantly gathering and writing down my thoughts and noting what I am learning as I read. 

It started with daily journaling which I have been doing fairly faithfully for almost four decades. But it is more than that. I take notes from what I am reading. I develop ideas the old fashion way – using a pen and paper. Everything I write starts in my head, goes to paper, and then, most times, is computerized in a formal piece that ends up as a future resource, a blog, an article for the web, a teaching for an upcoming engagement, or simply a personal record of what I have been thinking and working through. 

I like playing with words. I enjoy expressing thoughts and feelings on paper. Every new idea or thought gets jotted down on a note pad, a legal pad, a stickum, or a napkin if I am in a restaurant. And, because I have been doing this for decades there is a non-ending flow of creative thoughts and ideas moving from gut to brain to paper to computer. I collect ideas and quotes from what I am reading. And I always have a book with me (along with a pen, note pad, and highlighters) no matter where I am. You never know when you may have a spare ten or fifteen minute to read and write. 

A number of years ago I had a prophetic word spoken over my life and ministry that commented on the fact that I was to write a book. Several years after that another prophetic word said the same thing except ‘book’ had become’ books.’ I always remember those words – not always fondly but definitely remembered. And I have been jotting down ideas and collecting material over the years as I knew almost immediately upon receiving the words what it was I was to write about. It has been a long season of other ministries and involvements with book writing always taking second or third place – or sitting on the sidelines altogether – but always within view.

On one flight home from Kazakhstan a few years ago I was arguing with the Lord that I really didn’t have time to write a book or books. That I was busy with ministry and my plate was full. I distinctly heard Him say that writing books was also a ministry. I know, not earth-shattering. But for me it was a new thought on an old prophetic word. I would not be taking away from my ministry but simply changing the focus of the ministry slightly to focus more on book writing and a little less on travelling. Maybe you can see where this is going. 

On my last flight before Covid grounded me I felt the Lord telling me that now was the time to write and publish. And, of course, shortly after that along comes Covid and with not being able to travel and minister outside of a small radius around my own city, He was right. Covid-19 has freed up a fair amount of time – time I use to spend in airports, on planes, and ministering in churches. 

Well, I have not been wasting the last almost two years since Covid became a reality. I have been doing a fair amount of daily ministry on line – teaching leadership groups in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Mentoring young men one-on-one in a number of nations. And ministering locally. But that still frees up time to write. And I have been doing just that – more than usual due to extra free time. I have two books currently in the review and edit stages and material gathered and research accomplished for several others books (I like the sound of that word ‘books’ plural after so many years of waiting and watching, collecting and sorting). 

So, I believe I am entering a new season where I will be investing a good portion of each day continuing to write and research as more books bubble up from within. And with Covid-19 appearing to stick around for the coming winter and spring it will be a good time to truly focus on bringing several prophetic words to pass in my life. But, not to stop there but to continue publishing books as they are finished. Time to establish a daily discipline of writing books.

All books – like all material on my web page – will be published as e-books and will be free to download once published.