A Prophetic Insight – Lakeland?

This prophetic insight (word) was given to me on August 7th by the Lord. I sent it on the 7th to my web guy in Ohio and it beame the “Prophetic Insight” just emailed to people who subscribe to my e-newsletter that comes out every two weeks. Between the writing of it (August 7) and its publication (August 16) some of the word has already begun to be fulfilled.

The word I received stated:

A Change in Focus

These are exciting times to be alive in the Kingdom and working with the Lord as He moves mightily in nation after nation in the world today. As I either speak to or exchange emails with leaders and believers from many nations around the world I sense that God is truly doing great and mighty things in preparation for a worldwide move of His Spirit. This move will substantially touch every nation of the world. We are in the preparation stages before the release and we need to be listening carefully to the voice of God through the apostles and prophets. True apostles and prophets will be speaking of a time of cleansing and change; holiness and righteousness; integrity and veracity.

This move will be one when God will mobilize the saints (not just leaders) to spread the Gospel and “seek and save the lost”. Evangelism and soul winning will, once again, become the focus of healthy churches and healthy believers. The focus will not be on receiving but on giving. The believer will be looking for places to serve and minister outside the four walls of the Church so as to quietly influence society and the non-believer through their personal expression of His love through them. The focus will not be on learning more but on applying what we already know. Then, as we apply what we know, we will see where our understanding is lacking and go looking for specific and practical truths and insights to round out our ability to reach and touch the hearts of the unsaved. The focus will not be on the five-fold ministers or the Christian media superstars but on ordinary believers doing whatever they can wherever they can for the Lord. In fact, some of the ministries now leading and influencing the Church through conferences, radio and television, and publications will close up shop completely while others will cut back dramatically. It is a day when the local Church will arise and fulfill the role of ‘influencer’ and ‘molder of society and nations’.

Much of what is now being taught as God’s Word will be revealed as the opinion of man and powerless to change lives. Some of what is being declared prophetically will be tested and found lacking in substance and accuracy. False prophets and false teachers will be revealed and will be quietly removed from positions of authority and leadership. The shepherds of the sheep will rise up with fresh insight and new boldness – revealing false teachings and teachers and declaring and teaching the Word of the Lord as never before. They will protect the sheep from much that is being done in God’s Name but is not of God.

It will be a time of massive mobilization of the saints when every true believer will be focused on the lost and will be actively involved in seeking and saving the lost as the Lord commands and leads. Money will no longer flow to buildings and programs but will be diverted, by the Holy Spirit moving on people’s hearts, into evangelism and soul winning opportunities and outreaches. Many full-time leaders, as a result of this monetary diversion, will become bi-vocational earning their living in the marketplace and ministering without a full salary. They will see this as a step backwards but it is really a step forward as they become free of man’s expectations and able to follow fully the leading of the Spirit in their ministry which is no longer totally dependant upon the tithes and offerings of the saints. They will now, once again, walk by faith an trusting God as they did in the beginning of their call to ministry.

Young people will be raised up quickly going from non-believer to mature believer in a short time. They will be hungry for and seek out those who can teach, disciple, equip, and mentor them – learning how to minister supernaturally and speak prophetically into the lives of non-believers. They will be tried and tested and not found wanting and so will be promoted by the Lord into major leadership roles at a relatively early age both chronologically and spiritually.

The face of His Church and its way of functioning will undergo major foundational changes in the next 24 months to release this new focus and those appointed to quietly lead it.

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