A Passion for The Lord’s Cause

The Lord came to “seek and save the lost.” This was His cause, His purpose, His mandate from the Father. When you and I were born again we joined Him in His mandate or cause. We were instantly enlisted in His purpose as He said to us “go into all the world and make disciples.” So, we have a purpose in life and for our lives. We are to help Jesus complete His work upon Planet Earth. This is an exciting reason for living and a wonderful cause for which to give you life. But few really do.

Let me tell you a story … a true story.

In 1983, a Christian befriended Sharif and through that relationship, Sharif became a Christian. He had been a Muslim. Consequently, Sharif’s family disowned him, and he was often beaten by members of his community. Things started to change in 1991, however, when Sharif led his friend Bilal to The Lord and the two were baptized. The following year, the two men led their first Muslim family to Christ and started the first house church in their Islamic community. Over the next decade, just 10 years, they saw nearly 4,000 churches planted and more than 150,000 Muslims come to faith in Christ.

Here was a young man who, at great personal cost, began to tell others about Jesus. His passion for Jesus overflowed as he “loved God and loved his neighbors as he loved himself.” He was not concerned with what others thought. He wanted to please His Lord and Savior and knew that Jesus had said, “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” So, out of love and without fear of death, he did as commanded by the Scriptures and began to share Jesus with others. He did not let fear stop him – and there was much to fear. He did not make excuses about a hectic life, being busy with his family, or that no one had taught him to evangelize. He did not need to be taught to love – he simply loved (others) as he was loved (by God).

The results were slow in coming but then seeds take time to germinate and grow ofter being planted. He did not give up because no one was interested at first or because hearts were hard and the message was not received – in fact, seriously rejected. He simply kept planting and watering and left the harvest up to The Lord.

But the key was his love for Jesus – love that allowed him to obey everything Jesus had spoken and commanded and that took him into the streets and homes to share about Jesus. His passion for The Lord because a passion for the Lord’s cause as he went about loving his neighbor as he loved himself.

How about you? What are you passionate about? Your Starbuck’s morning coffee; your favorite hockey team; your current ‘special’ television show that you watch regardless of how busy you are; your dog; the political party that you think needs to be in power; your retirement fund; your stocks on the stock market; your opinion; or simply you!

If you are a true disciple there is only one thing we can be truly passionate about – Jesus and His cause. And, that passion will be seen in what you talk about and what your life is all about – your focus…. Your passion can always be seen by others.

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