A “New” Approach to Prayer

The church of my dreams qould be built on prayer – radical prayer not religious prayer. Even in the born again chruch we often find religious prayer – prayerbased on formats and outlines. Years ago I remember studying a very well known prayer school method of prayer and then a few years later another program breaking the Lord’s Prayer into sections and working through the sections so that you could pray for an hour (remember Jesus’s question in the grden – “could you not tarry with me one hour?” Praying in tongues for an hour every day was the next one … and then the next one and another one.

All well and good for that day and my age as a believer – but, even then it seemed, to me anyways, to lack life and power. It was simply another format. I left a mainline denomination with their prayer book and set prayers repeated day-after-day and ended up in another “religion” with their set way to pray. Maybe these things are good for some but they certainly did not help my spiritual life to continue breathing. These “forms” of prayer would notxist in the church of my dreams. I remind you – it is the church of MY dreams … if you want them in the church of your dreams – fine with me.

I discovered that everything that was of any value in my spiritual life was initiated by God. When I was still a sinner – His Spirit pursued me and convicted me and brought me to th foot of the Cross. I didn’t go seeking the power that comes with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit – I didn’t even know there was more – another encounter – after salvation. He initiated that. So, why should it be any different in prayer … Paul states in Galatians 3:3, “Why after beginning in the Spirit are you now trying to complete it by the flesh?”

So, in the church of my dreams –

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