A Needed Change and a New Life-style

All over the world where I minister I have been observing that our evangelism efforts are almost non-existent and, where they exist, they are being done as a program or by a format someone has learned. That means they are “preaching the gospel” or “telling others their testimony” using man’s wisdom and a natural approach to what should be a supernatural event. In other words, we are using persuasive words of man’s wisdom trying to accomplish what should be a supernatural event.

Paul states it this way: 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

We are still, generally, using man’s natural wisdom and man’s natural ways to try to do a supernatural job. And, we have not integrated evangelism or telling other the night and day difference Jesus has made (1 Peter 2:9 The Message) into our daily lives so that it simply flows in each and every “life situation” we find ourselves in every day. We make it a special “project” that is done at a special time each week or month or year or never…. So, we are facing two major issues in the Church today but not two separate issues as I believe they are definitely connected.

I was talking about this the other day (Sunday) while standing in the lobby of a hotel in a city north of where I live. Sunday service had ended and this man I knew and had taught in Bible school many years ago showed up (he came to pick up another former student who had walked miles to come to the service). So, I found myself talking to two men who are hungry for more of God and less of man-made religion. My hosts and even some of my family members who were in the city visiting and had attended the morning service were waiting in the restaurant for me to reappear before ordering – but in the lobby we were talking about evangelism done supernaturally … and so lunch could wait. The hunger is there in people’s hearts and lives – in every city and every nation in which I minister. It is a definite God-thing.

I believe we are about to enter a time when God will have His people intergrate evangelism into their daily life activities and a time when this sharing of God’s goodness will be done supernaturally with such gifts as a Word of Wisdom, a Word of Knowledge, healing and prophecy. I sense it coming and I will welcome it with open arms and an open heart as I have longed for that day a long, long time.

I believe and I teach (and I actually do it) that evangelism must be done supernaturally. And, as I teach it to whoever will listen you can see the Holy Spirit working in their hearts and lives and the dissatisfaction they have been feeling in their walk with the Lord now has a name to it – supernatural evangelism. You can literally see the hunger for this change developing within them as I teach and share. And afterwards, many come up asking when this training is going to happen …

In response to that question – being asked mostly by young people – we have begun to develop some material that will teach them (by word and by deed, by the power of the Spirit – Romans 15:18-19) to supernaturally share the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the Kingdom. We are working on plans to hold a young people’s training week in Ukraine where we will teach the leaders ahead of time so that they will both know and have experienced doing what we teach and then, the following week, we will teach a building full of young people (a fall camp meeting) how to do it and have leaders who can take them out on the streets and into the coffee shops, restaurants and bars to actually witness with supernatural gifts and power.

Pictured above – two young men wanting more than they currently see in the Church and knowing that they are called to walk in God’s love and supernaturally minister to non-believers so that they come to know Jesus Christ personally. Daniel and Elvin joined Oleg, Miroslav and myself for a discussion of just this and then an actual demonstration of the supernatural as we ministered through prophecy to Denis. Just the normal things we do as supernatural believers – not a program but a way of life.

But generally in most places the prophetic and evangelism is still something that we do – a program … it needs to become who we are and we are supernatural beings, a new creation, God’s ambassadors, a holy nation, a royal priesthood… and I am hoping that as this hunger and revelation spreads across the planet that many will come to be trained in what will be truely an effective method of spreading the good news around the world to every people group. No longer a program but a life-style and no longer done in the natural but now accomplished supernaturally.

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  1. bruce iverson
    bruce iverson says:

    Praise God … Lord help me to have the courage to do exactly this! By faith and by the leading and power of the Holy Spirit. I pray for the growing longing to see people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!!
    Help us trust You Lord, help us obey You.


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