A Needed Change and a New Life-style – Part Two

I teach prophetic evangelism everywhere I go in Canada, the United States and Eastern Europe. I am completely convinced that the Church needs to reclaim its supernatural nature, that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is to empower us supernaturally so we can be a witness for the resurrected and alive Jesus Christ, that the Gospel is the power (emphasis on that word) of God unto salvation, and that the gifts of the Holy Spirit flow through those upon whom the Holy Spirit has come in power. This moving f the Spirit supernaturally is the “proof” that the Gospel is true and Jesus really has been raised from the dead. And, it is a fact that people are interested in the spiritual and the supernatural – but that they don’t think of looking to the Church in their search for either. That is about to change if apostles and prophets have anything to do with it.

In the last year – on at least two occasions – our team has been blessed by a young man (a high school student) named Artem (pictured above at a late night fellowship time after a day of ministering with our team of young people). He was recently with us during our last ministry trip to Ukraine. He is learning that God can use him supernautrally to touch other people with the Gospel and the love of God as found only in Jesus Christ. On this trip he had several major “aha experiences” where truths he had heard and even knew in his head sunk deep into his heart and changed him in major ways. He wrote me about an incident that happened to him on his way home on the train from our last city where the team ministered with us. (Remember, this is a translation from Russian to English and so does not always flow smoothly or follow proper gramatical rules)…

Hello Ralph. Thank you that you were teaching me and that you had me as a team member during the conference. That week was such a blessing for me. When I departed from my home to be at the conference, God told me that He would set me on fire and told me about my calling. And it has happened in this way. I have got a new vision and I have understood many things. Praise God! I want to discipline myself and go deeper in this word.

On my way home there was a man on a train sitting next to me. He was disappointed. I asked God to reveal me what was wrong with the man. I’ve heard that he took his son with him, that he was divorced or in fight with his wife and still loved her. When I got this it was difficult for me to tell him as I was afraid that it might have been wrong, I was not a hundred percent sure about the words. But I had to tell him everything from the very beginning. As we began to talk and were in the middle of our conversation he told me that he has took his son with him, I continued his words and all the received words were true. If only I had told everything what God has revealed to me from the very beginning, the result would have been different, I think. Then I gave him my testimony and said the words what I had. I have realized that I should not drag out what I receive. I have realized that this gift is very serious and it is a great responsibility – to know such personal information. And still I want to keep ministering with this gift, in real it is supernatural.

Thank you, Ralph for everything!!! Thank you! Bless you.

This is exciting and he is not alone – there are many young men and women learning that God can use them supernaturally to touch lives and let others know that God loves them and cares about what they are going through. Here is a teenager who believed what the Bible states and acted upon it with some boldness and saw supernatural things happen as a result. Exciting. Can happen for you too if you will believe what God states in His Word and will receive a little training in how all of this actually works in and through a follower of the Lord who takes the command to “go into all the world and be a witness…” seriously. (Will be doing just such training in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on April 30 (evening) and May 1st (all day) and you can contact Ralph Howe Ministries and speak to Elizabeth if you would like more information (306) 536-9741.

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