A Move of God Among the Youth

I just returned from Sacramento, California where I was working with Melchizedek Church. A very powerful time at each and every service, meeting, and event. I had the privilege of meeting each day with some young men who are being discipled by the pastor and who are also discipling others their own age. They are very actively involved in the life of the local church. One was the young person assigned to drive me from place-to-place. They were all excited about the Kingdom, the King, and the Church. They were hungry to learn more and to hear about what God is doing in the nations of the world. They were, of course, also wanting to receive a prophetic word and God did not disappoint.

The church has a powerful youth service on Sunday nights. Great worship with powerful lighting, “smoke,” backdrops, and terrific music that the young people can relate to. It was an amazing experience for everyone, including those, like me, who are not part of the youth. You just needed to be young-at-heart. Again, they sat, listened, participated, and responded to the teachings and the prophetic ministry. They were so excited to be taught and ministered to. Before and after each event they wanted to talk and ask questions. They were hungry to learn, to grow, to become more mature and knowledgable in the things of God.

These young people are involved in all aspects of the local church. They are witnessing to their friends and inviting them to their small groups as well as to the regular weekly services. At each and every event we had visitors and always there were a few who did not know Jesus. The youth are serving in all aspects of the life of the church and not just in the youth ministry. They are powerfully involved and committed to the vision of the local leaders and the church. And, they tithe, give, and make special offerings.

This is my experience in many of the nations that I travel to. Young people on fire for God and working to expand His Kingdom. Young men and women hungry to know their place in the Kingdom and in the Church; wanting to know what God has called them to accomplish for Him in their neighbourhoods and in the world. God is moving mightily among the youth, raising them up to be a force to be reckoned with. They are excited, enthusiastic, and anticipating that God will touch their world through them. It is “electric” just to be around them. I have discovered young people like this in every church in almost every nation where I minister. The future is bright and the Holy Spirit is powerfully touching young lives who are seeking to have more of God and know more about Him.

I am very optimistic about God’s Kingdom. Whether it is house churches in Kazakhstan, established churches in Russia, underground churches in a number of nations, decent size churches in America, or simple small groups of believers meeting together to learn and pray … God’s Holy Spirit is moving and touching lives and the young people are responding and becoming strong and powerful ‘labourers in the harvest field’ as well as trained and equipped disciples of the Lord.

I am honoured to be a part of this powerful move of God’s Spirit. I am, at least, young-at-heart.

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